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Cypress Semiconductor WirelessUSB™
NL 2.4 Hz Low Power Radio

Cypress Semiconductor WirelessUSB™ NL 2.4 Hz Low Power Radio, optimized to operate in the 2.4-GHz ISM band, is Cypress's third generation of 2.4-GHz low-power RF technology, bringing the next level of low-power performance into a small 4-mm × 4-mm footprint. WirelessUSB™ NL 2.4 Hz Low Power Radio implements a Gaussian frequency-shift keying (GFSK) radio using a differentiated single-mixer, closed-loop modulation design that optimizes power efficiency and interference immunity. Closed-loop modulation effectively eliminates the problem of frequency drift, enabling WirelessUSB™ NL 2.4 Hz Low Power Radio to transmit up to 255-byte payloads without repeatedly having to pay power penalties for re-locking the phase locked loop (PLL) as in open-loop designs. Among the advantages of Cypress Semiconductor WirelessUSB™ NL 2.4 Hz Low Power Radio are its fast lock times and channel switching, along with the ability to transmit larger payloads. Use of longer payload packets, compared to multiple short payload packets, can reduce overhead, improve overall power efficiency, and help alleviate spectrum crowding.

  • Fully integrated 2.4-GHz radio on a chip
  • 1-Mbps over-the-air data rate
  • Transmit power typical: 0 dBm
  • Receive sensitivity typical: -87 dBm
  • Below 1 μA typical current consumption in sleep state
  • Closed-loop frequency synthesis
  • Supports frequency-hopping spread spectrum
  • On-chip packet framer with 64-byte first in first out (FIFO) data buffer
  • Built-in auto-retry-acknowledge protocol simplifies usage
  • Built-in cyclic redundancy check (CRC), forward error correction (FEC), data whitening
  • Supports DC ~ 12-MHz SPI bus interface
  • Additional outputs for interrupt request (IRQ) generation
  • Digital readout of received signal strength indication (RSSI)
  • 4 × 4 mm quad flat no-leads (QFN) package
  • Wireless keyboards and mice
  • Handheld remote controls
  • Wireless game controllers
  • Hobby craft control links
  • Home automation
  • Industrial wireless links and networks
  • Cordless audio and low-rate video

WirelessUSB™ NL Development Kit is now available.
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