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Cypress PSoC4 ARM® Cortex®-M0 Programmable SoCs

Cypress PSoC4 ARM® Cortex®-M0 Programmable SoCs

PSoC4 is Cypress's newest ARM®-based PSoC, featuring the low-power Cortex®-M0 core combined with PSoC's unique programmable mixed-signal hardware IP, resulting in the industry's most flexible and scalable low-power mixed-signal architecture. Use PSoC4 with PSoC Creator to create unique designs, shorten development schedules, and accelerate your time-to-market.

Cypress PSoC4 ARM® Cortex®-M0 Programmable SoCs

Cypress PSoC4 ARM® Cortex®-M0 Based Programmable SoC architecture combines Cypresss best-in-class PSoC analog and digital fabric and industry-leading CapSense capacitive touch technology with ARM's® power-efficient Cortex®-M0 core. The truly scalable, cost-efficient architecture delivers PSoCs trademark flexibility, analog performance and integration, along with access to dozens of free PSoC Components—virtual chips represented by icons in Cypresss PSoC Creator integrated design environment. The new PSoC4 device class will challenge proprietary 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), along with other 32-bit devices.

  • Best-in-Class Power Leakage of 150nA
  • Only Consumes 20nA While Maintaining Wake-up Capability
  • Most Reconfigurable ARM® Cortex®-M0
  • Truly Scalable Architecture
  • Widest Operating Voltage Range of Any Cortex®-M0 Device
  • PSoC Integrates Configurable Analog and Digital Circuits With an On-Chip Microcontroller
  • Enables Firmware-Based Changes at Any Point in The Design Cycle
  • Limitless Possibilities with PSoC Creator
  • Powered by 32-bit ARM® Cortex®- M0
  • Intelligent Analog
  • Capsense - Cypress Does It Best

  • User Interface
  • Motor Control
  • FPGA Co-Processor
  • Industrial System Control
  • Home Appliances
  • Power Management
  • Secure Access
  • Medical

PSoC4 Architecture
PSoC4 Architecture
Cypress PSoC-4 Pioneer Kit

Order Cypress PSoC-4 Pioneer Kit View Product List

Additional Resources
datasheet Datasheet

Cypress PSoC-4 Pioneer Kit

Cypress PSoC ARM® Cortex®-M0 Pioneer Kit is an easy-to-use and inexpensive development platform enabling you to create unique designs with the flexibility of PSoC4. Featuring a member of the PSoC 4200 family, this kit gives you the power of an ARM® Cortex®-M0 combined with the fully customizable analog and digital fabric of the PSoC in the palm of your hands.

Kit Contents
  • PSoC4 Pioneer Kit Board
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB A to mini-B Cable
  • Jumper Wires (x6)

Cypress CY8CKIT-038 PSoC 4200 Family Processor Module Kit

Cypress CY8CKIT-038 PSoC 4200 Family Processor Module Kit is designed for users to evaluate and experiment with Cypress PSoC4 programmable system-on-chip architecture. When used in conjunction with the PSoC Development Kit (CY8CKIT-001), it provides a development platform with access to all I/O pins on the device. This processor module is suitable for development with the PSoC 4100 and PSoC 4200 family of devices.

Kit Contents
  • PSoC 4200 Family Processor Module Board featuring a CY8C4245AXI-483 device
  • I2C Character LCD
  • Kit CD/DVD
  • Quick Start Guide

Cypress PSoC® 4 CY8CKIT-049 Prototyping Kits

Order Cypress PSoC® 4 CY8CKIT-049 Prototyping Kits View Product List

Additional Resources

Cypress PSoC 4 CY8CKIT-049 Prototyping Kits

Cypress PSoC® 4 CY8CKIT-049 Prototyping Kits are low-cost prototyping platforms for testing and developing applications using the PSoC 4 device family. CY8CKIT-049 boards have been developed to support the ARM 32-bit Cortex-M0™ CY8C41xx and CY8C42xx device families. The prototyping kits support PC connectivity through an onboard USB-Serial controller (CY7C65211). The devices can be programmed using the USB-Serial controller and the Bootloader Software Host tool. These Cypress prototyping kits also support CapSense button control and USB-IF Battery Charging applications.

Features and Benefits
  • Easy-to-use and inexpensive prototyping platform for rapidly developing products using the PSoC 4 families and use the unique flexibility of the PSoC 4 architecture.
  • Open footprint breakout board maximizes the end utility of PSoC 4 device
  • Provides a low-cost alternative to device samples while providing a platform to easily develop and integrate the PSoC 4 device into an end system
  • The boards also include:
    • Onboard USB-Serial controller (CY7C65211) 
    • Onboard CMOD capacitors to enable CapSense® development
    • A bypass capacitor to ensure the high quality ADC conversions
    • An LED to provide feedback
    • A push button to provide a simple user input and trigger the bootloader programming mode Comments

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