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Home » NEWEST Products » New by Manufacturer » Avago Technologies » Avago AEAT-9000 Ultra-precision 17-Bit Absolute Single Turn Encoder & Codewheel
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Avago Technologies AEAT-9000 Ultra-precision 17-Bit Absolute Single Turn Encoder & Codewheel

Avago Technologies AEAT-9000 Ultra-precision 17-Bit Absolute
Single Turn Encoder & Codewheel

Avago Technologies AEAT-9000 Ultra-precision 17-Bit Absolute Single Turn Encoder is a high resolution single turn optical absolute encoder, designed to allow design engineers to achieve superior positioning performance in terms of speed and accuracy. The modular package enables the encoder to be directly integrated to the motor, unlike conventional encoders. As a result design engineers can expect cost savings and better performance of the overall system.

The AEAT-9000 is a modular absolute encoder that consists of a read head module and a high-precision code disc. The modular design allows for better flexibility to system designers to easily design-in the encoder feedback system. The AEAT-9000 series addresses key motor qualities such as position accuracy, speed stability, and bandwidth which determine command-signal response, disturbance rejection capability, power loss, size, and quietness.

Avago Technologies HEDG-9000 Codewheel is designed specifically for use with the AEAT-9000 series, and is suitable for many environments, applications, and budgets. Made from glass, the HEDG-9000 codewheel has a resolution of 2048 CPR and an optical radius of 17.5mm.

  • 17-bit absolute single turn output (131072 absolute positions over 360º)
  • 2 channel true differential Sine/Cosine outputs
    with 2048 cycles per revolution
  • 2048 CPR A/B channel incremental digital output
  • Interface output is SSI (2wire SSI / 3wire SSI)
    with RS485 line transceiver or single ended option
  • On-chip interpolation and code correction
    compensate for mounting tolerance
  • Selectable direction for Up/Down position counter
  • Electrical alignment output for tilt and locate
  • Built-in monitor track for monitoring of LED light level
  • Error output for LED degradation
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 115ºC
  • Feedback device generates unique binary 'word'
    for each encoder shaft position
  • Provides positional information instantly upon power up
  • Ideal for space constrained applications

  • Rotary applications up to 17 bits/360º absolute position
  • Integration into servo motors
  • Industrial and maritime valve control
  • High precision test and measurement machines
  • Industrial and factory automation equipments
  • Textile, woodworking, & packaging machinery
  • Nacelle & blades control in wind turbine

Block Diagram
Block Diagram
Mechanical Dimensions in mm
Mechanical Dimensions

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