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Anderson Power Products

Anderson Power Products (APP), is an ISO9001:2008 certified leader in the design and manufacture of high power interconnect solutions for rapid prototyping. Anderson Power Products (APP)offers a variety of contact options – flat-wiping, pin and socket, hot pluggable, make-first / break-last, and mixed power and signal for bus bar, PCB, and panel and cable mounting applications. Anderson Power Products connector systems are rated from 5 to 700 amps for 150 volt / 600 volt AC/DC applications.Visit the Anderson Power Products page
 Rugged SPEC Pak® Mini 3 Pole Connectors Rugged SPEC Pak® Mini 3 Pole Connectors
10/14/2013 -
Compact, IP68 environmentally sealed connectors w/ruggedized fire (UL94 V0) & weather (UL746C F1) resistant shell.
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 Mid Power SPEC Pak® Connectors Mid Power SPEC Pak® Connectors
05/07/2013 -
Environmentally sealed (IP68) connectors with power handling capabilities up to 80 amps at 600 volts AC or DC with signal, F1 weatherability rating, and flame resistance rating of V-0.
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 SBS®75G Connector SBS®75G Connector
04/17/2013 -
Features PCB-to-wire and wire-to-wire options for up to 110 amps with a touch-safe interface.
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 Solar SPEC Pak® Connector Series Solar SPEC Pak® Connector Series
10/15/2012 -
Uses rugged, environmentally sealed IP68 shells to protect APP® Powerpole® contacts & housing, conforming to NEC 2008 & UL 6703A.
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 Saf-D-Grid® Power Connectors Saf-D-Grid® Power Connectors
09/17/2012 -
Features locking mechanism for a safer and more secure connection.
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 SBS®75x Connectors SBS®75x Connectors
07/27/2012 -
Provides high power and auxiliary connections in a single housing. Minimizes potential contact with live circuits per UL 1977, section 10.2.
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 PowerMod® Connectors PowerMod® Connectors
07/27/2012 -
High density power connectors with maximum design flexibility; available in 13 sizes and configurable for almost any application.
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 SPEC Pak® Mini 3 Pole Connectors SPEC Pak® Mini 3 Pole Connectors
05/02/2012 -
Ideal for applications requiring power or power and signal combined in a compact environmentally sealed (IP68) package.
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 SPEC Pak® 4 Pole Connectors SPEC Pak® 4 Pole Connectors
05/01/2012 -
Rugged & waterproof high power, signal, and ground interconnect solution.
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