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Analog Devices Blackfin® 16-/32-bit Processors

Analog Devices Blackfin® 16-/32-bit Processors

Analog Devices Blackfin® 16-/32-bit Embedded Processors offer software flexibility and scalability for convergent applications: multi-format audio, video, voice and image processing, multimode baseband and packet processing, control processing, and real-time security. ADI Blackfin Processors include a high performance 16-/32-bit embedded processor core with a 10-stage RISC MCU/DSP pipeline, variable length ISA for optimal code density, and full SIMD support with instructions for accelerated video and multimedia processing.

  • High performance 16-/32-bit embedded processor core
    • 10-stage RISC MCU/DSP pipeline
    • Variable length ISA for optimal code density
    • Full SIMD support with instructions for accelerated video and multimedia processing
  • Clock Speed up to 600MHz
  • SRAM up to 256KBytes
  • Multi-format audio, video, voice, and image processing
  • Multimode baseband and packet processing
  • Control processing
  • Real-time security
Part NumberData SheetMaximum Clock FrequencyProgram Memory SizeData RAM SizeOperating Supply Voltage

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Analog Devices ADSP-BF592 Blackfin Embedded Processor offers performance up to 400MHz and reduced static power consumption. ADI ADSP-BF592 Blackfin Embedded Processor is a highly integrated system-on-a-chip solution for the next generation of digital communication and consumer multimedia applications. The ADI ADSP-BF592 combines industry standard interfaces with a high-performance signal processing core, allowing for quick development of cost-effective applications without the need for costly external components.

  • Blackfin processor core with 200 MHz (400 MMACs) performance and 68KB L1 Memory: ADSP-BF592KCPZ-2
  • Blackfin processor core with 400 MHz (800 MMACs) performance and 68KB L1 Memory: ADSP-BF592KCPZ
  • L1 Instruction ROM block with VDK RTOS and C runtime libraries
  • Low Power
  • Two SPI, two SPORT, two UART, and one Parallel Peripheral Interface (PPI)
  • Nine Peripheral DMA channels and two memory to memory DMA channels
  • 9x9mm LFCSP package
  • Commercial, industrial, and automotive temperature grades
  • Consumer Audio
  • Low-cost imaging devices
  • Smart Meters
  • Consumer Handheld Devices
  • Medical Equipment
  • Automotive Driver Assistance Systems

Analog Devices ADZS-BF706-EZMINI Evaluation Board is designed to be used in conjunction with the CrossCore® Embedded Studio (CCES) development tools to test capabilities of the ADSP-BF706 Blackfin processor. The CCES development environment aids advanced application code development and debug. Create, compile, assemble, and link application programs written in C++, C, and assembly. Load, run, step, halt, and set breakpoints in application programs. Read and write data and program memory. Read and write core and peripheral registers.

  • ADSP-BF706 EZ-KIT Mini features:
  • ADSP-BF706 Blackfin Processor
  • 400MHz/800 MMACs performance at <100mW
  • 1160kB on-chip SRAM (136kB L1, 1MB L2)
  • 88-lead LFCSP (QFN) package
  • Small form factor: 4in×2in (10cm×5cm)
  • 4MB quad SPI flash
  • ADAU1761 SigmaDSP® low power stereo audio codec
  • Line-in and headphone jacks
  • Direct USB 2.0 HS PHY interface to ADSP-BF706
  • External connections for EPPI0, SPORT, SPI, I²C, timer, and GPIOs
  • On-board debug agent (JTAG/SWD) via separate USB interface

  • Other features
  • USB bus powered
  • Push buttons and LEDs
  • Boot mode strapped to SPI master
  • Resistors for processor current measurement
  • Arduino Uno R3 connection compatibility
  • CrossCore® embedded studio software tools
  • Full featured development suite and board support package
  • Complete real-time debug capability included
  • Full featured one year evaluation license
  • Complete code examples and demos including:
  • Audio processing from DSP Concepts
System Architecture
System Architecture
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