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Analog Devices ADL5303 Data Converter

Analog Devices ADL5303 Data Converter

Analog Devices ADL5303 Data Converter is a monolithic logarithmic detector optimized to measure low frequency signal power in fiber optic systems. Thanks to a proprietary design and precise laser trimming, ADL5303 delivers a high degree of accuracy in a large measurement range.The ADL5303 requires only a single positive supply, VPS, of 5V. When using low supply voltages, designers can alter the log slope to fit the available span. Low quiescent current and chip disable facilitate use in battery-operated applications. 

  • Optimized for fiber optic photodiode interfacing
  • 8 full decades of range
  • Law conformance:0.1dB from 1nA to 1mA
  • Single-supply operation:3.0V to 5.5V
  • Complete and temperature stable
  • Accurate laser trimmed scaling
  • Logarithmic slope of 10mV/dB (at the VLOG pin)
  • Basic logarithmic intercept at 100pA
  • Easy adjustment of slope and intercept
  • Output bandwidth of 10MHz,15 V/μs slew rate
  • Miniature 16-lead package (LFCSP)
  • Low power:~4.5 mA quiescent current (enabled)

  • High accuracy optical power measurement
  • Wide range baseband log compression
  • Versatile detector for APC loops
Functional Block Diagram
Functional Block Diagram
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