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Analog Devices AD9652 Evaluation Board

Analog Devices AD9652 Evaluation Board

Analog Devices AD9652 evaluation board is a full-featured development board designed to evaluate the ADI AD9652 dual, 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The evaluation board includes an SPI interface for setup and control, a balun/transformer or amplifier input drive option, and an on-board LDO regulator needing a single external 6V, 2A DC supply.

AD9652 dual 16-bit ADC features sampling speeds of up to 310MSPS, can digitize up to 155MHz of signal bandwidth, and provides an analog input bandwidth of 650MHz. It is designed to support demanding, high-speed signal processing applications that require exceptional dynamic range over a wide input frequency range. This ADC's exceptional low noise floor of −157.6dBFS and large signal spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) performance (exceeding 85dBFS, typical) allows low level signals to be resolved in the presence of large signals.

Eval Board Features
  • Full featured evaluation board for the AD9652
  • SPI interface for setup and control
  • Balun/transformer or amplifier input drive option
  • On-board LDO regulator needing a single external 6V, 2A dc supply
  • VisualAnalog® and SPI controller software interfaces

AD9652 Applications
  • Military radar and communications
  • Multimode digital receivers (3G or 4G)
  • Test and instrumentation
  • Smart antenna systems
AD9652 Features
  • High Dynamic Range
    • SNR = 75.0dBFS at 70MHz (AIN = −1dBFS)
    • SFDR = 87dBc at 70MHz (AIN = −1dBFS)
  • Excellent IF Sampling Performance
    • SNR = 73.7dBFS at 170MHz (AIN = −1dBFS)
    • SFDR = 85dBc at 170MHz (AIN = −1dBFS)
  • Full power bandwidth of 465MHz
  • On-chip 3.3V buffer
  • Programmable input span of 2Vp-p to 2.5Vp-p (default)
  • Differential clock input receiver with 1, 2, 4, and 8 integer inputs (clock divider input accepts up to 1.24GHz)

AD9652 ADC Block Diagram

AD9652 ADC Block Diagram
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