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AVX FFLI Series Film Capacitors

AVX FFLI Series Film Capacitors

AVX's FFLI Series Film Capacitors hold a major advantage over electrolytic capacitors in that at the end of their life cycles, they experience loss of capacitance without the risk of explosion that electrolytics carry. AVX's FFLI Series RoHS-compliant Film Capacitors have a life expectancy of 100,000 hours at which time the capacitor loses about 5% of its capacitance nominal value. The capacitor can still function after the 5% capacitance decrease, with no risk of explosion. Designed for DC filtering applications, FFLI series capacitors are rugged and designed to operate in a manner that is environmentally safe and does not damage surrounding electronic components. These advanced power film capacitors can operate in temperatures up to 95ºC.

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  • 100,000 hours life expectancy
  • End-of-life capacitance decrease of 5%
  • No risk of explosion
  • Operating temperature range: -40ºC to +95ºC
  • RoHS compliance
  • Dielectric: Polypropylene
Part Number Capacitance (µF) Voltage A mm(inches) D mm(inches) H1 mm(inches)
FFLI6U0157K-- 150 1200V 32(1.260) 75(2.953) 105(4.134)
FFLI6Q0257K-- 250 1400V 32(1.260) 85(3.346) 155(6.102)
FFLI6L0267K-- 260 1000V 32(1.260) 85(3.346) 105(4.134)
FFLI6U0437K-- 430 1200V 32(1.260) 85(3.346) 180(7.087)
FFLI6Q0607K-- 600 1400V 50(13.78) 116(4.567) 180(7.087)
FFLI6L0657K-- 650 1000V 50(13.78) 100(3.937) 155(6.102)
FFLI6B0687K-- 680 800V 32(1.260) 85(3.346) 155(6.102)
FFLI6U0867K-- 860 1200V 50(13.78) 116(4.567) 180(7.087)
FFLI6B1607K-- 1600 800V 50(13.78) 116(4.567) 180(7.087)
FFLI6B3007K-- 3000
800V 50(13.78) 116(4.567) 340(13.39)
*Note: Change "--" to "JE" for female terminals.
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Max Torque M6=4.5Nm
Max Torque M8=8.5Nm
Max Torque M12=15Nm

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