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ALPS Electric

ALPS Electric, Inc. is the # 1 worldwide manufacturer of tactile switches and PC card connectors, a leader in the manufacture of potentiometers and encoders, and they hold 35% of the global market share with other small type switches. ALPS has provided cutting-edge electronic components based on innovative, proprietary technology and market outlook since 1948.Visit the ALPS Electric page
 HGPR Magnetic Sensor HGPR Magnetic Sensor
02/12/2014 -
Features two elements in one package, enabling detection of rotation speed and direction with a single product.
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 RDC90 Rotary Sensor RDC90 Rotary Sensor
02/12/2014 -
Features an operating life of 10,000 cycles.
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 SKSL Sidepush™ TACT Switch™ SKSL Sidepush™ TACT Switch™
02/12/2014 -
Offers a half-mount solution with a height of just 1.6mm above the PC board.
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 GLMx High Efficiency Power Inductor GLMx High Efficiency Power Inductor
09/24/2013 -
Leads the industry in low core loss and high efficiency.
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 SSCQ Detector Switch SSCQ Detector Switch
08/21/2013 -
Industry's smallest two-step detector switch.
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 HSHCA Humidity Sensor HSHCA Humidity Sensor
08/16/2013 -
Measures relative humidity of 0 to 100% RH with ±5% accuracy.
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 SDDH Waterproof Snap-Action Switch SDDH Waterproof Snap-Action Switch
06/13/2013 -
Provides IP68 water resistance.
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 SCDG3/6 Series Card Connectors SCDG3/6 Series Card Connectors
06/12/2013 -
Available in both standard mount and reverse mount models.
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 SDDE Power Switch with Encoder SDDE Power Switch with Encoder
09/26/2012 -
Zero standby power consumption available.
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 SSAL Slide Switch SSAL Slide Switch
09/21/2012 -
Measures just 7.6 x 2.6 x 1.2mm.
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 SKSN TACT Switch™ SKSN TACT Switch™
09/20/2012 -
Features low profile of just 1.35mm above the PCB.
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 SCGD Series microSIM Card Connectors SCGD Series microSIM Card Connectors
09/14/2012 -
Smallest push-push type connector, compatible with 8-pin microSIM cards.
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 EC35A Series 35mm Ring Type Encoder EC35A Series 35mm Ring Type Encoder
07/23/2012 -
Two-phase incremental encoder features 4.4 mm low profile.
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