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4D Systems OLED & LCD Display Shields for Arduino

4D Systems OLED & LCD Display Shields for Arduino

4D Systems OLED & LCD Display Shields for Arduino provide an easy way of interfacing the 4DGL-platform OLED and LCD display modules to the Arduino-Duemilanove, Arduino-Mega, and many other Arduino compatible boards.

The 4Display-Shield-96, 4Display-Shield-128, 4Display-Shield-160, and 4Display-Shield-144 come complete with a uOLED-96-G1, uOLED-128-G1, uOLED-160-G1, or uLCD-144 module, a 5 way multi-switch joystick and male headers that help connect the 4Display-Shield to the Arduino boards. The 5 position joystick is connected to the Arduino D2, D3, D4, D5, and D6 pins. The 4Display-Shield-22 includes a 4-wire resistive touch screen.

For all of the shields, the communication interface between the 4Display-Shield and the Arduino is via the Serial UART, or a combination of the SPI bus plus the analog/digital pins on the Arduino. Both the TX and RX signals are jumpered on the shield PCB so that the Arduino UART can be freed-up when it's being programmed.

The 4DGL-platform OLED and LCD modules are each integrated with a full color OLED or LCD-TFT screen, the tiny yet poweful GOLDELOX graphics controller chip, and a micro-SD connector which supports standard and high-capacity memory cards. The memory card can be used to store images, icons, video clips, and data logging.

Also available are several starter kits, each containing an Arduino Display Module Pack, 2gb microSD Card,
and 4D Programming Adapter.

  • 65K or 262K true to life colors
  • OLED: No back lighting with near 180º viewing angle
  • LCD: LED back lighting with near 180º viewing angle
  • On-board micro-SD memory card adapter for storing of icons, images, animations,
    etc.; supports standard and high capacity (HC-SD) memory cards
  • 5-Way multi-function Joystick switch directly connected to Arduino D2, D3, D4, D5,
    and D6 pins (except 4Display-Shield-22)
  • Powered from the Arduino board, uses the 5V supply pin
  • RoHS compliant
Starter Kit Contents
  • µLCD-xxPTU-AR Arduino
    Display Module Pack
  • 2gb microSD Card
  • µUSB-PA5 4D
    Programming Adapter

Part Number Datasheet Resolution Screen
Active Area Touch
Starter Kit
176 x 220 LCD-TFT 2.2" 49.4 x 36.7mm Yes -
176 x 220 LCD-TFT 2.2" 49.4 x 36.7mm Yes -
96 x 64 PMOLED 0.96" 20 x 14mm No -
4Display-Shield-128 128 x 128 PMOLED 1.5" 27 x 27mm No -
4Display-Shield-160 160 x 128 PMOLED 1.7" 33.6 x 27mm No -
4Display-Shield-144 128 x 128 LCD-TFT 1.44" 25.5 x 26.5mm No -
uLCD-24PTU-AR - LCD-TFT 2.4" - Yes SK-24PTU-AR
uLCD-28PTU-AR - LCD-TFT 2.8" - Yes SK-28PTU-AR
uLCD-32PTU-AR - LCD-TFT 3.2" - Yes SK-32PTU-AR
uLCD-32WPTU-AR - LCD-TFT 3.2" - Yes SK-32WPTU-AR
uLCD-43PT-AR - LCD-TFT 4.3" - Yes SK-43PT-AR
4D Arduino Adaptor Shield Convenient interface to attach 4D Systems
display modules to Arduino platform






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