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3M™ Twin Axial Cabling Solutions

Made with 3M Twin Axial Cable technology, the following external cable assemblies offer an ideal set of benefits for the most demanding of customers. The core cable technology allows 3M
cable assemblies to be extremely low profile and light weight while virtually eliminating
high-frequency resonance, allowing the cable to be folded and bent with minimal to no impact
on performance. Save space, help improve airflow, and operate at up to 56 Gbps.

  • Excellent SI performance
  • Extremely low profile
  • Lightweight
  • Tightly packaged ribbon cable format
  • Extremely small bend radius enables most efficient routing
  • RoHS compliant
Targeted Industry Standard Protocols
  • Infiniband FDR/QDR/DDR
  • 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet(10GBASE-CU / 40GBASE-CR4)
  • Fibre Channel and Fibre Channel over Ethernet
  • SAS-2.0/2.1
  • High-performance computing clusters
  • Data center networks
  • IB and GigE switches and routers
  • Storage, server, RAID and HBA applications



The 3M™ SL8800 Series Twin Axial Ribbon Cable is a new family of high-performance cables offering ultra low-profile, high-speed, high signal density cable. Currently available in four-channel 100 ohm 30 AWG versions, the 3M SL8800 Series Cable is the optimum solution for space-constrained systems. This cable is unjacketed, extremely thin, very flexible, and can even be folded with minimal loss or performance impact. The 3M SL8800 Series Twin Axial Ribbon Cable can route along the sides of cabinets and through narrow openings in densely packaged equipment with little to no effect on performance. Even if the design does not require low profile cable, the high electrical performance of the SL8800 Series provides skew control, low attenuation, and high bandwidth for high-speed signal requirements. These features are especially critical at speeds beyond 10 Gbps as high speed applications continue to require more performance, the 3M SL8800 Series Cable will deliver that performance for years to come.

  • 100 Ohm differential pairs
  • Four pairs with and without sidebands
  • .88 mm thick
  • The cable is UL AWM 21008 (150V, 80C); file number E42769
  • Halogen free
  • Paddle card terminated cable assemblies, such as mini serial attached SCSI (miniSAS)
  • Enterprise and Netcom markets

  3M SL8800 Series Twin Axial Ribbon Cable

3M SL8800 Series Twin Axial Ribbon Cable
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3M's 8F36 Series High Routability Internal Mini Serial Attached SCSI (MiniSAS) Cable Assemblies are the ideal choice for space constrained systems due to their exceptional foldability with minimal loss and performance impact. These unjacketed, extremely thin, and very flexible assemblies utilize 3M's new ultra low-profile, high-speed, high-signal density 3M™ SL8800 Series Twin Axial Cable that provides excellent transmission properties allowing signals to travel a longer distance. In addition, the excellent performance of 3M's SL8800 Series Twin Axial Cable used in the construction of the 8F36 Series stretches the user's loss budget, allowing him to use extra length to route the cable through a more convenient location, out of the way of airflow, or around difficult obstructions. Even if folded multiple times, 3M's unique High Routability Internal Mini Serial Attached SCSI (MiniSAS) Cable Assemblies meet SAS 2.1 performance requirements.

  • Extremely thin and flexible
  • Can be folded and bent multiple times
  • Bend radius as low as 1 mm
  • Four bi-directional SAS channels
  • Exceeds the 6 Gbps performance standard
  • Meets SAS 2.1 performance requirements
  • Rated 94 V-0
  • Cabinets
  • Fans
  • Heat Sinks


3M 8F36 Series High Routability Internal Mini Serial Attached SCSI (MiniSAS) Cable Assemblies

3M 8F36 Series MiniSAS Cable Assemblies
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SFP+ Series Cable Assemblies feature 3M™ Twin Axial Cable technology to create a high performance, flexible, foldable solution for space-constrained systems. The low profile, lightweight design virtually eliminates high-frequency resonance, allowing the cable to fold and bend with minimal to no impact on performance. SFP+ cable's very small bend radius enables efficient routing in tight spaces to achieve even greater density and help improve airflow. Capable of achieving transmission rates up to 10 Gbps per channel for up to 5 meters, the 3M SFP+ Twin Axial Cable Assemblies are well-suited for telecommunications, high capacity I/O storage, networking, high-bandwidth switches, routers, & server, and Network Interference Cards (NICs) applications.

  • Designed using highly-flexible, high-performance 3M Twin Axial Cable technology
  • Up to 10 Gbps per channel transmission up to 5 meters
  • Compatible with standard SFP/SFP+ interface
  • Designed to meet the following industry standard protocols:
    • SFF-8431
    • 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GBASE-CU / IEEE 802.3ae)
    • 8G Fibre Channel
    • 10G Fibre Channel over Ethernet
  • Excellent crosstalk and insertion loss performance
  • Foldable and bendable with minimal to no performance impact
  • Configurable pull tab (on top or bottom of the cable) to enable belly-to-belly mounting
  • RoHS compliant
  Electrical Specifications
  • Impedance (cable): 100Ω +/- 5 Ω
  • Withstanding Voltage: 300V DC

Environmental Specifications
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to +80°C (UL qualified)
  • Withstanding Voltage: 300V DC

Physical Specifications
  • Cable Jacket: Halogen-Free or PVC; Color: Black
  • Cable Flammability Rating: UL VW-1

  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • High Capacity I/O Storage Applications
  • Networking
  • High-Bandwidth Switches, Routers and Servers
  • Network Interference Cards (NICs)

  3M SFP+ Twin Axial Cable Assemblies

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