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NetBurner provides a single source for hardware, software, development kits, tools, technical support, and custom design services. NetBurner's unique combination of resources allows you to focus on developing your product instead of reinventing network protocols and designing hardware.

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Added 05/2011 NetBurner SBL2e Serial to Ethernet Modules Learn More

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NetBurner SBL2e Serial to Ethernet Modules

NetBurner SBL2e Serial to Ethernet modules, designed around the Freescale MCF52x ColdFire MCU, provide simple Ethernet connectivity for serial devices. SBL2e compact, multifunction modules network-enable existing applications by providing 10/100 Ethernet, two serial channels, four 12-bit analog-to-digital inputs, and up to 10 general purpose I/O signals. The NetBurner SBL2e-100IR Serial to Ethernet board features an on-board Ethernet jack. The SBL2e-200IR provides a 10-pin Ethernet jack header. These NetBurner modules provide a separate network connection that enables you to read and write the general purpose I/O signals and read the analog-to-digital inputs. This is independent of the serial streams so you have direct and quick access to control your device. An evaluation kit is available for demonstrating the capabilities of these devices. A development kit is available for creating custom applications for the SBL2e-100IR and SBL2e-200IR.

NetBurner MOD5270 Embedded Network Core Module

NetBurner MOD5270 high performance embedded network core module is an excellent solution to network-enable both existing and new product designs with 10/100BaseT Ethernet. This NetBurner module is based on the Freescale ColdFire 5270 32-bit processors with integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC and features plenty of horsepower for the most demanding applications (rated at 141+MIPS with 147MHz clock). The MOD5270 embedded network core module features a Web-based control interface, a full 32-bit architecture providing 141+ MIPS, and the ability to send and receive e-mail.

NetBurner MOD5282 Development Kit

NetBurner MOD5282 development kit from is a complete set of powerful developer hardware, software, and tools that enable rapid development of embedded network-enabled products. The Eclipse IDE delivers time-saving features such as single click compile and load, intelligent code completion, and integrated graphical debugger. The kit includes the Mod5282 32-bit Processor Module and development board, uC/OS RTOS, TCP/IP stack, web server, C/C++ compiler and linker, flash file system, deployment tools, network cables, serial cable, and power supply.

NetBurner MOD5282 32-Bit Processor Module

Providing the latest in high-performance connectivity options, the Mod5282 processor module from NetBurner includes 10/100 Ethernet, 3 UARTs, 8 10-bit ADC, I2C, CAN, SPI, and 50 digital I/O. The core module features a 32-bit 66MHz Freescale ColdFire processor with 512k flash memory, 8MB external SDRAM, 16 timers, interrupts, and chip selects.