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NEC Relays

NEC designs high-performance relays that are the smallest, lightest, and most durable relays available. NEC's relays are ideal for telecommunications and FA equipment, as well as automotive electronic systems and measuring.

NEC EM1 Automotive Relay

NEC EM1 Automotive Relay features large current capacity (54A 1hour at 20℃ ), high heat resistance, flux tight housing, and is Pb free. Through-hole reflow soldering is available. The EM1 Automotive Relay offers higher switching performance than current relays and is suitable for large inrush current loads, such as lamps, C-R circuits, heaters, fans and pumps, and controls applications in automobiles which require high quality and high performance.

NEC Miniature Signal Relay UB2 Series

NEC's Miniature Signal Relay UB2 Series are super-compact, SMD typ, slim-packaged relays for dense mounting featuring Telcordia (2500V) and FCC (1500V) surge capacity. NEC's Miniature Signal Relay UB2 Series consumes low power (100-140mW) and is ideal for electronic switching systems, PBX, terminal equipment, and telephone systems.