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MG Chemicals
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MG Chemicals is a manufacturer of dusters and cold sprays,as well as specialized chemical cleaners for electronics, protective coatings, flux and flux removers, adhesives, photochemicals, copper clad boards, cleaning swabs, technical cleaning brushes, and desoldering braid.

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MG Chemicals Featured Products

MG Chemicals RTV Silicones

RTV Silicones from MG Chemicals are used to protect against environmental elements such as moisture, as well as physical force. They offer excellent protection and can be removed for repair work. Silicones are ideal for high temperature fluctuations. MG Chemicals offers several types of RTV Silicones including general use, optically clear, thermally conductive, extreme high/extreme low temperature, and flame retardant.

MG Chemicals Epoxy Products

MG Chemicals Epoxy Products offer a solution not only for moisture exposure, but also protection against impact, shock, conductivity, abuse, chemicals, and analysis. Several types of epoxies are offered by MG Chemicals: general use Black Epoxy; Clear Epoxy, allowing visual inspection after cure; Thermally Conductive Epoxy, enabling heat dissipation, Flame Retardant Epoxy; and Optically Clear Epoxy, for maximum LED light transmission and component identifications.

MG Chemicals EMI/RFI Shielding Products

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) are electromagnetic waves generated by electronic devices that cause other devices to malfunction. Applications needing protection from EMI and RFI include telecommunications, medical and aerospace. MG Chemicals offers solutions with EMI/RFI Shielding Products including Super Shield™ Conductive Coating. Super Shield is an acrylic base pigmented with high purity nickel, silver coated copper or silver flakes. Use of Super Shield from MG Chemicals reduces or eliminates EMI/RFI interference.

MG Chemicals Leaded Solder Wire

MG Chemicals Leaded Solder Wire, Series 4880 and 4890, Sn60 / Pb40, is flux-cored solder wire with rapid wetting and fast flowing properties that result in consistent and reliable soldering every time. Cleaning becomes optional with the Rosin Activated flux core because of its non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive properties. The 4880 and 4890 series meet J-STD-004 / J-STD-006 with a melting point of 183ºC / 361ºF. MG Chemicals also offers series 4860 and 4870 which are No-Clean Sn60 / Pb40 leaded solder wires that use synthetically refined resin and an effective activator.