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ECIA Authorized Menda Distributor


Menda brand pumps are the most used liquid dispensers in the Electronics industry.

Menda Pumps and ESD Lotion

Menda's Pumps and ESD Lotions are available in a wide range of products and sizes. The Reztore™ ESD Hand Lotion and Reztore™ Clean Hand Lotion increases conductivity of dry skin around wrist straps and the feet. Also included in Menda's product line are HDPE/SS, dissipative HDPE/SS, Glass/SS, Tin Coated Steel/SS, and HDPE/PP bottles and pumps.

Menda Circuitracer & Continuity Testers

Menda Circuitracer® & Continuity Testers are designed for use on the assembly line or in the field as a supplement to delicate, expensive meters. With a light at the tip, Menda's Circuitracer® allow operators to test for continuity, shorts, grounds, or the presence of voltage quickly, effectively, and economically.