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Maxim Integrated MAXREFDES18 Carmel Reference Design

Maxim MAXREFDES18 Carmel Reference Design

Maxim Integrated MAXREFDES18 Carmel Reference Design

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Maxim Integrated MAXREFDES18 Carmel Reference Design provides a high-accuracy analog current/voltage output in a compact, galvanically isolated form factor. This design uniquely fits programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems, and other industrial applications. Maxim MAXREFDES18 Carmel design features a MAX5316 16-bit digital-to-analog converter that drives the input of a MAX15500 programmable analog output conditioner. The integrated MAX6126 ultra-high-precision voltage reference provides references for the DAC and the output conditioner. MAX14850 galvanically isolates data communication between the subsystem and the system controller. The subsystem also integrates an isolated and regulated power supply by using the MAX13253 transformer driver and the MAX1659 and MAX1735 low-dropout linear regulators.

  • Programmable high-accuracy current/voltage output
  • Current output drives 0 to 1kΩ
  • Voltage output drives loads down to 1kΩ
  • Extensive error reporting
  • Isolated power and data
  • Small printed circuit board (PCB) area
  • Device drivers
  • Example C source code
  • Pmod™-compatible form factor
  • PLCs
  • DCS
  • Embedded systems
  • Industrial control and automation
  • Industrial sensors

Carmel Subsystem Block Diagram
Carmel Subsystem Block Diagram
Maxim MAX5316 16-Bit, ±1 LSB Accuracy Voltage Output DAC

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MAX5316 16-Bit DAC

MAX5316 is a high-accuracy, 16-bit, serial SPI input, buffered voltage output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) in a 4mm x 5mm, 24-lead TQFN package. The device features ±1 LSB INL (max) accuracy and a ±0.25 LSB DNL (typ) accuracy over the temperature range of -40°C to +105°C. The DAC voltage output is buffered with a fast settling time of 3µs and a low offset and gain drift of ±0.6ppm/°C of FSR (typ). The force-sense output (OUT) maintains accuracy while driving loads with long lead lengths. A separate AVSS supply is provided to permit the output amplifier to go to 0V (GND) to maintain full linearity performance near ground. At power-up, the device resets its outputs to zero or midscale. The wide 2.7V to 5.5V supply voltage range and integrated low-drift, low-noise reference buffer make for ease of use. The MAX5316 features a 50MHz 3-wire SPI interface.

  • Ideal for ATE and High-Precision Instruments
    • INL Accuracy Guaranteed with ±1 LSB (Max) Over Temperature
  • Fast Settling Time (3µs) with 10kΩ || 100pF Load
  • Safe Power-Up-Reset to Zero or Midscale DAC Output (Pin-Selectable)
    • Predetermined Output Device State in Power-Up and Reset in System Design
  • Negative Supply (AVSS) Option Allows Full INL/DNL Performance to 0V
  • SPI Interface Compatible with 1.7V to 5.5V Logic
  • High Integration Reduces Development Time and PCB Area
    • Buffered Voltage Output Directly Drives 2kΩ Load Rail-to-Rail
    • Integrated Reference Buffer
    • No External Amplifiers Required
  • Small 4mm × 5mm, 24-Pin TQFN Package
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Automatic Test Equipment
  • Communication Systems
  • Data-Acquisition Systems
  • Gain and Offset Adjustment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Process Control and Servo Loops
  • Programmable Voltage and Current Sources
  • Test and Measurement

Block Diagram
Block Diagram
Maxim MAX15500 Analog Current/Voltage Output Conditioners

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MAX15500 Analog Current/Voltage Output Conditioners

Maxim MAX15500 Analog Current/Voltage Output Conditioners provide a programmable current up to ±24mA, or a voltage up to ±12V proportional to a control voltage signal. The control voltage is typically supplied by an external DAC with an output voltage range of 0 to 4.096V for the MAX15500. The output current and voltage are selectable as either unipolar or bipolar. In the unipolar configuration, a control voltage of 5% full-scale (FS) produces a nominal output of 0A or 0V to achieve underrange capability. A control voltage of 100%FS produces one of two programmable levels (105%FS or 120%FS) to achieve overrange capability. The outputs of the MAX15500 are protected against overcurrent conditions and a short to ground or supply voltages up to ±35V. The devices also monitor for overtemperature and supply brownout conditions. The supply brownout threshold is programmable.

  • Supply Voltage Up to ±32.5V
  • Output Protected Up to ±35V
  • Programmable Output (Plus Overrange)
    • ±10V
    • 0 to 10V
    • 0 to 5V
    • ±20mA
    • 0 to 20mA
    • 4 to 20mA
  • Current Output Drives 0 to 1kΩ
  • Voltage Output Drives Loads Down to 1kΩ
  • HART Compliant
  • 2ppm Gain Error Drift Over Temperature
  • SPI Interface, with Daisy-Chain Capability
  • Supports +4.096V (MAX15500)
  • Extensive Error Reporting
    • Short-Circuit and Overcurrent Protection
    • Open-Circuit Detection
    • Brownout Detection
    • Overtemperature Protection
  • Fast, 40µs Settling Time
  • Distributed I/Os
  • Embedded Systems
  • Industrial Control and Automation
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Block Diagram
Block Diagram
Maxim MAX6126 Ultra-High-Precision, Ultra-Low-Noise, Series Voltage Reference

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MAX6126 Ultra-Low-Noise, Series Voltage Reference

Maxim MAX6126 Ultra-High-Precision, Ultra-Low-Noise, Series Voltage Reference is an ultra-low-noise, high-precision, low-dropout voltage reference. This family of voltage references feature curvature-correction circuitry and high-stability, laser-trimmed, thin-film resistors that result in 3ppm/°C (max) temperature coefficients and an excellent ±0.02% (max) initial accuracy. The proprietary low-noise reference architecture produces a low flicker noise of 1.3µVP-P and wideband noise as low as 60nV/√Hz (2.048V output) without the increased supply current usually found in low-noise references. Improve wideband noise to 35nV/√Hz and AC power-supply rejection by adding a 0.1µF capacitor at the noise reduction pin. Maxim MAX6126 series mode reference operates from a wide 2.7V to 12.6V supply voltage range and load-regulation specifications are guaranteed to be less than 0.025Ω for sink and source currents up to 10mA. These devices are available over the automotive temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

  • Ultra-Low 1.3µVP-P Noise (0.1Hz to 10Hz, 2.048V Output)
  • Ultra-Low 3ppm/°C (max) Temperature Coefficient
  • ±0.02% (max) Initial Accuracy
  • Wide (VOUT + 200mV) to 12.6V Supply Voltage Range
  • Low 200mV (max) Dropout Voltage
  • 380µA Quiescent Supply Current
  • 10mA Sink/Source-Current Capability
  • Stable with CLOAD = 0.1µF to 10µF
  • Low 20ppm/1000hr Long-Term Stability
  • 0.025Ω (max) Load Regulation
  • 20µV/V (max) Line Regulation
  • Force and Sense Outputs for Remote Sensing
  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Digital Voltmeters
  • High-Accuracy Industrial and Process Control
  • High-Accuracy Reference Standard
  • High-Resolution A/D and D/A Converters
  • Precision Current Sources

Block Diagram
Block Diagram
MAX14850 Six-Channel Digital Isolator

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MAX14850 Six-Channel Digital Isolator

Maxim's MAX14850 Six-Channel Digital Isolator utilizes Maxim's proprietary process technology, whose monolithic design provides a compact and low-cost transfer of digital signals between circuits with different power domains. The technology enables low power consumption and stable high-temperature performance. The four unidirectional channels are each capable of DC to 50Mbps, with two of the four channels passing data across the isolation barrier in each direction. The two bidirectional channels are open drain and each is capable of data rates from DC to 2Mbps. Independent 3.0V to 5.5V supplies on each side of the isolator also make it suitable for use as a level translator. The MAX14850 can be used for isolating SPI busses, I²C busses with clock stretching, RS-232, RS-485/RS-422 busses, and general-purpose isolation. When used as a bus isolator, extra channels are available for power monitoring and reset signals.

  • Protection from High-Voltage Environments
  • 600VRMS Isolation for 60 Seconds
  • Short-Circuit Protection on Unidirectional Outputs
  • Complete Digital Isolation Solution
  • Four Unidirectional Signal Paths: 2-In/2-Out
  • Two Bidirectional Open-Drain Signal Paths
  • 50Mbps (max) Unidirectional Data Rate
  • 2Mbps (max) Bidirectional Data Rate
  • Compatible with Many Interface Standards
  • I²C With Clock Stretching
  • SPI
  • RS-232, RS-422/RS-485
  • SMBus, PMBus Interfaces
  • Battery Management
  • I²C, SPI, SMBus, PMBus™ Interfaces
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Isolated RS-232, RS-485/RS-422
  • Medical Systems
  • Telecommunication Systems

Block Diagram
Block Diagram
Maxim MAX13253 1A Push-Pull Transformer Driver

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MAX13253 1A Push-Pull Transformer Driver

Maxim MAX13253 is a 1A push-pull transformer driver designed to provide a simple solution for low-EMI isolated power supplies. The MAX13253 has an internal oscillator and operates from a single +3.0V to +5.5V supply. The transformer’s secondary-to-primary winding ratio defines the output voltage, allowing selection of virtually any isolated output voltage with galvanic isolation. MAX13253 features an integrated oscillator driving a pair of N-channel power switches.

  • Simple, Flexible Design
    • +3.0V to +5.5V Supply Range
    • Low RON 300mΩ (max) at 4.5V
    • Up to 90% Efficiency
    • Provides Up to 1A to the Transformer
    • Internal or External Clock Source
    • Internal Oscillator Frequency: 250kHz or 600kHz
    • Optional Spread-Spectrum Oscillation
    • -40°C to +125°C Temperature Range
  • Integrated System Protection
    • Fault Detection and Indication
    • Overcurrent Limiting
    • Undervoltage Lockout
    • Thermal Shutdown
  • Saves Space on Board
    • Small 10-Pin TDFN Package (3mm x 3mm)
  • Isolated Analog Front Ends
  • Isolated Fieldbus Interfaces
  • Isolated USB Power
  • Medical Equipment
  • Power Meter Data Interfaces

Block Diagram
Block Diagram
Maxim MAX1659 350mA, 16.5V Input, Low-Dropout Linear Regulators

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MAX1659 350mA, 16.5V Input, Low-Dropout Linear Regulators

Maxim MAX1659 350mA, 16.5V Input, Low-Dropout Linear Regulators maximize battery life by combining ultra-low supply currents and low dropout voltages. They feature Dual Mode™ operation, which presets the output to 5V, or permits it to be adjusted between 1.25V and 16V. The regulator supplies up to 350mA, with a typical dropout of 650mV for the MAX1658 and 490mV for the MAX1659. With their P-channel MOSFET pass transistor, these devices maintain a low quiescent current from zero output current to the full 350mA, even in dropout. They support input voltages ranging from 2.7V to 16.5V. MAX1659 features a 1µA shutdown mode, reverse battery protection, short-circuit protection, and thermal shutdown. They are available in a special high-power (1.2W), 8-pin SO package designed specifically for compact applications.

  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 2.7V to 16.5V
  • Low, 490mV Dropout at 350mA Output Current
  • 30µA Supply Current
  • 1µA Max Shutdown Current
  • High-Power (1.2W) 8-Pin SO Package
  • Dual Mode Operation Output:
    • Fixed 5.0V or Adjustable (1.25V to 16V)
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Current-Limit Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Cell Phones
  • Digital Cordless Phones
  • Electronic Planners
  • Handheld Instruments (PDAs, Palmtops)
  • Modems
  • Palmtop Computers
  • PCMCIA Cards
  • PCS Phones

Block Diagram
Block Diagram
Maxim MAX1735 200mA, Negative-Output, Low-Dropout Linear Regulator

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MAX1735 Low-Dropout Linear Regulator

Maxim MAX1735 negative-output, low-dropout linear regulator operates from a -2.5V to -6.5V input and delivers a guaranteed 200mA with a low 80mV dropout. The high-accuracy (±1%) output voltage is preset or can be adjusted from -1.25V to -5.5V with an external resistive voltage-divider. An internal N-channel MOSFET allows for a low 85µA quiescent current virtually independent of the load, making this device ideal for battery-powered portable equipment, such as PDAs, mobile phones, cordless phones, and wireless data modems. The device is available in several preset output voltage versions: -5.0V, -3.0V, and -2.5V. All versions offer a 1nA low-power shutdown mode, short-circuit protection, and thermal overload protection.

  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 2.7V to 16.5V
  • Guaranteed 200mA Output Current
  • Low 80mV Dropout Voltage at 200mA
  • Low 85µA Quiescent Supply Current
  • Low 1nA Current Shutdown Mode
  • Stable with 1µF COUT
  • PSRR > 60dB at 100Hz
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • -5.0V, -3.0V, or -2.5V Output Voltage or Adjustable (-1.25V to -5.5V)
  • Tiny SOT23-5 Package
  • Access Products
  • Cell Phones
  • Cordless Phones
  • Digital Cameras and Camcorders
  • Glucose Meters
  • Handhelds (GPS, POS Terminal)
  • HDD and RAID
  • PC Add-In Cards
  • Power Supplies

Block Diagram
Block Diagram
  • Maxim Integrated