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Macraigor Systems is a leading supplier of JTAG connection devices for on-chip debugging. OCDemon product technology from Macraigor provides a low-cost, full-featured connection from a PC to the on-chip debug facilities of 32 and 64-bit processors, providing host support for Windows and Linux and systems. Macraigor Systems also provides Flash Programming software that allows in-circuit programming of target Flash EEPROM memory devices via a JTAG connection.

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Macraigor Systems usbWiggler™ USB Interface

Macraigor Systems usbWiggler™ USB interface devices for JTAG and BDM debugging are stable, easy to use, and fully compatible with all Macraigor software. The usbWiggler is a true USB 2.0 high-speed device that operates at a speed of up to 480Mb/s. These Macraigor Systems USB interface devices are faster than the classic parallel port Wiggler and are designed for use in the design, debug, and programming of microprocessor-based embedded systems. One side of the usbWiggler interfaces to the USB port of a host IBM compatible PC. The other side connects to an OCD (On-Chip Debug) port of the target system. This port may be JTAG, E-JTAG, OnCE, COP, BDM or any of several other types of connections.

Macraigor Systems usb²Demon™ BDM/JTAG Interface

Macraigor Systems usb²Demon™ BDM/JTAG interface devices are used to design, debug, and program microprocessor- and microcontroller-based embedded systems. The Macraigor Systems usb²Demon is designed to be a major upgrade over the Macraigor Wiggler series of OCD connections. It is also significantly faster than the Macraigor Raven parallel port interface for many targets. The usb²Demon supports configurable JTAG/BDM clock rates up to 20 MHz. This BDM/JTAG interface can simultaneously debug up to 255 devices on a single scan chain. Up to 16 usb²Demon devices can be connected to a single host machine. This BDM/JTAG interface device is fully compatible with all Macraigor Systems software tools.

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