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NEDA Authorized LEMO Distributor

LEMO is a leading global manufacturer of a wide range of push-pull circular connectors and module connector solutions. Known for exceptional quality and reliability, LEMO connectors are ideal for harsh environment, medical equipment, test and measurement instrumentation, telecommunications, audio-video, and other applications.

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LEMO New Products

Added 11/2012 LEMO Sealed USB Plugs and Receptacles Learn More
Added 10/2012 LEMO PHJ.1B Series Inline Receptacle Learn More
Added 03/2012 LEMO REDEL® XP Connectors Learn More
Added 11/2009 LEMO Harsh Environment Ratchet Coupling Connector, M Series Learn More

LEMO Featured Products

LEMO B Series Connectors

LEMO B Series keyed, multipole and hybrid connectors are ideal for instrument applications across many markets. The modular design of the LEMO B series connectors offers a solution for most applications. The push pull latching mechanism provides a secure connection whilst the density of the contacts provide for considerable panel space savings. Multi key options prevent cross mating of similar connectors within a panel. Contact types include LV, Fibre Optic, HV, Coax providing for every eventuality. Hybrids including any of the above contacts are also available. The ruggedized design combined with precision manufacturing offers excellent durability, reliability and quality.

LEMO Sealed USB Plugs and Receptacles

LEMO M Series Sealed USB Plugs and Receptacles are rugged, outdoor USB 2.0 Type A connectors designed to provide a waterproof IP68 rating when mated. These lightweight USBs are fast-and-easy to secure, resistant to vibration, and compatible with off-the-shelf USB cable assemblies. Designed specifically for outdoor use in medical, oil/petroleum, automotive, military,and mining applications, LEMO M Series Sealed USB Plugs and Receptacles provide rugged and reliable connections for harsh environments.

LEMO PHJ.1B Series In-line Receptacle

LEMO PHJ.1B Series In-line Receptacle is designed for professional grade, battery-powered HD cameras. LEMO's PHJ.1B.306.CWAD72Z is the mating in-line receptacle to the FGJ.1B.306.CWLD72Z. PHJ.1B.306.CWAD72Z features six contacts, four of which are 0.9mm contacts and the other two are 0.5mm contacts. The 0.9mm contacts feature oversized solder cups (1.39mm ID) to accommodate 18 AWG stranded wire. The connectors offer a reverse gender (female contact in the male plug and male contacts in the female receptacle) configuration.

LEMO REDEL® XP Connectors

LEMO's patented REDEL® XP product line features push-pull connectors constructed with a proprietary sulfone to withstand extensive sterilization cycles. With the latching system embedded in the shell, the LEMO REDEL XP Connectors offer increased shock resistance and high contact density. The UL recognized (file E119802) REDEL XP Connectors with the patented push-pull system are available with four different keyways to prevent inadvertent cross connects or misconnects by the user. Featuring an ergonomic grip to make it easier for surgeons and medical staff to mate and align the connection, the LEMO REDEL XP Connectors are an ideal solution for medical or measurement applications, from catheters to surgical instruments.

LEMO Harsh Environment Ratchet Coupling Connector, M Series

The high performance LEMO M Series Harsh Environment Connector provides a ratchet locking, screw coupling system that enables a quick and secure coupling of the connectors for high vibration environments. When mated, the LEMO M series connectors are watertight to two meters for fifteen hours, achieving an IP68 rating. Plugs come with two grip designs: a standard knurl grip or an arctic grip to allow secure mating while wearing gloves. Receptacle styles include jam-nut or flange panel mount with crimp contacts, PCB pins, or in-line cable mount shells. The LEMO M series Harsh Environment Ratchet Coupling Connector family provides full 360° shielding and high shell conductivity to ensure excellent EMI protection. The over-mold feature provides additional strain relief ensuring cable mount reliability. LEMO's M series is designed for energy, alternative energy, industrial automation, performance automotive, and other harsh environment applications that require robust performance in a lightweight and compact size.

LEMO Coaxial Connector Series: 00

The LEMO series 00 Coaxial Connector was conceived for all applications in which a high density of connectors is necessary, especially for patch panels. The LEMO special self-latching system makes it possible to connect and disconnect with a simple axial push-pull, thereby reducing the space needed to mount sockets to an absolute minimum, up to 50 sockets per square decimeter. LEMO 00 Coaxial Connector series served as the norm for NIM-CAMAC CD/N549 standard, used in nuclear physics as well as many other applications.

LEMO K Series Connectors

LEMO's watertight, self-latching, multi-pole series K connectors feature an alignment key and rugged housing for extreme working conditions. The connectors are UL recognized, multi-pole, 2 to 64 contacts, and are available in six sizes, nine keying options, and over 28 shell styles. The connectors have a temperature range of -55°C to 200°C and solder, crimp or print contacts.

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