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Laird Technologies is a leading global manufacturer of antennas, electromagnetic interference [EMI], telematics, thermal management products, and RF transceivers. Laird's solutions are ideal for the telecommunications, data-communications, computer, general electronics, network equipment, aerospace, defense, automotive, and medical equipment markets.

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Laird Technologies/EMI Product Line

Laird Technologies/EMI New Products

Added 09/2010 Laird Technologies 28A Series Ferrite Clamp Filters Learn More

Laird Technologies/EMI Featured Products

Laird Technologies 28A Series Ferrite Clamp Filters

Laird Technologies 28A Series Ferrite Clamp Filters are split, snap-on cores in plastic cases for Broadband EMI filtering. The 28A Series is for round cables and wiring harnesses. For retrofit and post-assembly operations, Laird Technologies offers a selection of "split" cores. Similar in performance to the one piece core designs, the 28A Series Ferrite Clamp Filters split ferrite cores provide excellent common and differential mode EMI suppression on round cable and wire assemblies. Black or white plastic snap-on cases provide secure closure of the split cores onto the cable.

Laird Technologies Fingerstock

Thin gauge metal Fingerstock from Laird Technologies shields equipment from radiated or emitted EMI. Fingerstock offers superior performance at elevated temperatures with a wide mechanical operating range and high shielding effectiveness levels. Available in a large selection of sizes and shapes, Fingerstock products are ideal for high cycling applications requiring frequent access.

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