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Kingbright is a leading manufacturer of LED Lamps, Displays, SMD Lamps and other LED related products. With enormous demand for compact size displays worldwide, Kingbright has advanced the state-of-the-art designs and developed the new display technology, the thinnest and brightest SMD LED displays. Kingbright's huge color selection covers the full visible spectrum and ultra bright options including blue.

Kingbright Newest Products

Kingbright New Products

Added 06/2014 Kingbright HELI LEDs Learn More
Added 04/2014 Kingbright Minikin-Air SMD LEDs Learn More
Added 11/2013 Kingbright WP71 Series Low Power LEDs Learn More
Added 11/2013 Kingbright APT Series SMD Chip LEDs Learn More
Added 06/2013 Kingbright 3mm & 5mm Through-hole LEDs with Built-in 5V Resistor Learn More
Added 03/2013 Kingbright APB3227 Compact Bi-color Chip SMD LEDs Learn More
Added 09/2012 Kingbright SGD3 Super Bright Green SMD LEDs Learn More
Added 05/2012 Kingbright Super Bright Orange LEDs Learn More
Added 03/2012 Kingbright APETD3528 SMD Chip Dome Series LEDs Learn More
Added 02/2012 Kingbright Bi-Color LEDs with White Learn More
Added 05/2011 Kingbright Surface Mount LED Lamps Learn More
Added 09/2010 Kingbright Bi-Color SMD LEDs Learn More
Added 04/2010 Kingbright APTD1608 Series SMD 0603 Dome LEDs Learn More
Added 01/2010 Kingbright WP71xx Through Hole LEDs Learn More
Added 03/2009 Kingbright Ultra-Thin 0603 SMD LEDs Learn More
Added 12/2008 Kingbright Circuit Board Indicators Learn More
Added 08/2008 Kingbright High Brightness LEDs Learn More
Added 10/2007 Kingbright LED Lamp Learn More

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