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Keterex develops mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) and systems to address the unique challenges embedded systems engineers face. Keterex combines its expertise in mixed-signal design, embedded firmware development, and electronic systems manufacturing to create innovative and affordable products for industrial consumer applications. The innovative product portfolio offered by Keterex includes the KX1400 Audio Playback IC, which plays pre-recorded 8KHz audio data and enables embedded systems designers to add voice prompts and sound effects to a design quickly and easily.

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Keterex USB-150 Full Speed Isolator

The Keterex USB-150 Full Speed USB Isolator provides up to 1500Vrms of galvanic isolation between a USB host and USB peripheral. The Keterex USB-150 is designed for applications in which a USB host and peripheral device operate at different ground potentials or in which supply noise from the USB host needs to be eliminated. Any full-speed USB device can be isolated using the USB-150 and standard USB cables. This Keterex full speed isolator supports USB 2.0 full-speed data rates and requires no external power supply. In addition, the USB-150 provides an isolated 5V supply to the downstream device at up to 400mA.

Keterex USB-910H Embedded Systems Interface

The Keterex USB-910H Embedded Systems Interface lets you turn a PC into an SPI, I²C, SMBus, or parallel GPIO controller. The Keterex USB-910H provides connectivity between a host PC and an embedded system requiring an I²C, SMBus, or SPI protocol. This embedded systems interface can support other protocols by bit-banging up to 9 available general-purpose I/O (GPIO). USB transactions are generated on the host PC using either the Keterex USB-900 Control Center application or calls to a provided API. The Keterex USB-910H adapter converts these transactions to I²C, SMBus, SPI, or GPIO operations. The USB-910H provides configurable I/O voltage levels from 1.65V to 5V. The voltage can be connected to the target hardware, providing up to 400mA to the target device.

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