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Heyco has over 75 years of experience in the design and manufacture of molded wire protection products and stamped electrical components. Heyco has highly qualified professionals, uses technologically advanced equipment and pays close attention to the application needs of their customers to produce high quality products.

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Heyco Featured Products

Heyco Halogen Free Cordgrips

Heyco Halogen Free Cordgrips are molded from nylon 6/6 which will not burn or produce toxic fumes in the event of a fire.The IP68 rated series is approved for NEMA 6 and 6P applications and resists salt water, weak acids, gasoline, alcohol, oil, grease, and common solvents. The Halogen Free Cordgrips from Heyco have a sealing nut assembly with a ratchet design which provides protection against vibration and ensures a firm grip on the cable.

Heyco Removable Strain Reliefs

Heyco Removable Snap-In Ratcheting Strain Reliefs are designed for Round and "Double D" Mounting Holes. The Heyco Removable Snap-In Ratcheting Strain Relief self-locks onto the cable. Wire locking ratchet allows for wire ranging from 0.115" (2.9mm) to 0.75" (19.1mm) and can be used for multiple flat or round cables. Easily installed with fingertip pressure into a standard round or "Double D" hole. Ratcheting Strain Relief can be easily removed by inserting standard snap ring pliers with .040" tips into the two holes on the part and spreading part open.

Heyco MaxRunner™ Cable Clip Array

Heyco HEYClip™ MaxRunner™ Cable Clip Array features a patent-pending design and holds up to 12 cables with wire diameters ranging from .20˝ (5.2 mm) to .28˝ (7.2 mm). Designed as the ultimate in solar wire management, MaxRunner is constructed using a PPE+PS flame retardant “Noryl” material with a 301 stainless steel mounting clip. The injection molded wire holder has a V0 flame rating and a UV (f1) rating for excellent resistance to outdoor exposure and offers a maximum material rating of 203°F (95°C). MaxRunner's versatile stainless steel mounting clip is designed to secure the holder to a wide range of aluminum extruded mounting frames with a variety of thicknesses and profiles up to .250˝ (6.4 mm) thick.

Heyco SunRunner™ 2 & 2-R Clips

Heyco HEYClip™ SunRunner™ 2 and 2-R Cable Clips are designed to hold Micro-Inverter cables from .413˝ (10.5 mm) to .472˝ (12.0 mm) in diameter.  SunRunner neatly dresses cables on PV panels or along mounting frame channels from .060˝ (1.5 mm) to .250˝ (6.4 mm) thick. Features include an “S” hook clip design to fit a wide range of extruded aluminum profiles and smooth clip edges that prevent damage to cable insulation. Constructed from heat treated 410 stainless steel,  SunRunner™ 2 and 2-R Cable Clips provide excellent strength and corrosion protection for outdoor exposure. Heyco's SunRunner 2 is designed for commercial solar mounting frames such as the ones used by unirack, solar mount, and mountain systems. SunRunner 2-R is designed for residential-grade racking systems.

Heyco Liquid Tight Break-Thru Plugs

Heyco's HEYco-molded™ Liquid Tight Break-Thru Plugs consist of co-molded nylon and elastomer parts functioning as liquid tight plugs that maintain an IP 67/68 rating even after being pierced by wire, cable or tubing in order to function as bushings.  The HEYco-molded™ Liquid Tight Break-Thru Plugs from Heyco were designed for use in panels as thin as .020"(0,5 mm) and as thick as .063"(1,6 mm).  When used as a plug, this product provides light tight closure. When pierced, the plug functions as a liquid tight bushing that converts raw edged holes to smooth, neat, and insulated holes as well as insulates and mechanically protects electrical and telecommunications cable, tubing, hose, rope, and utility lines.

Heyco CPV Solar Bulkhead Connectors and Connector Sets

The Heyco® CPV Bulkhead Connectors mate with the CPV Solar Connectors using the CPV Connector Sets to form a liquid tight seal through the solar panel. The CPV Bulkhead Connectors are designed to provide an integral sealing ring to ensure a superior seal at the mounting hole location. RoHS and REACH compliant, the connectors feature polycarbonate construction for chemical and impact resistance, and are IP 65 & IP 67 rated. Suitable for UL and IEC solar installations, the CPV Bulkhead Connectors from Heyco crimp to stranded wire 14 to 10 gauge for internal connections and have an operating temperature range of -40°C to 105°C.

Heyco SunBundler™ Cable Ties

Heyco SunBundler™ Cable Ties, designed for solar installations, are extremely durable, crafted from aircraft grade stainless steel and jacketed with UV protected vinyl. The SunBundler™ Cable Ties from Heyco feature a tin plated copper crimp for easy field installation. Standard wire cutters can be used to crimp the sleeve and cut excess wire. The cable ties are available in lengths from 8 inches to 14 inches and have a minimum tensile strength of 100 pounds.

Heyco Hybrid Liquid Tight Cordgrips

Heyco Hybrid Liquid Tight Cordgrips combine the durability of nickel-plated brass with the low cost and excellent wire gripping of nylon. The nickel-plated brass construction provides excellent corrosion resistance, while the nylon finger design provides a secure, torsion proof seal. The Heyco Hybrid Liquid Tight Cordgrips, with PG or metric hubs, allow for the easy, flexible insertion of different cable diameters in the same gland.

Heyco HEYClip SunRunner Cable Clip

Heyco HEYClip SunRunner Cable Clips are designed to provide a better method for PV module wire management and may be used wherever single or multiple cable management is needed. They accommodate from (1) 12 gauge USE-2 to (2) 10 gauge PV-1000 solar wires, as well as other cables from .20˝ (5, 0 mm) to .30˝ (7,6 mm) in diameter. Locking tabs securely fasten Heyco's SunRunner Cable Clip to module extrusions or other panels. HEYClip SunRunner 90º Cable Clips are designed to mount at a 90º angle to the original HEYClip SunRunner. The SunRunner 90° will accommodate a single cable from .20˝ (5,0 mm) to .30˝ (7,6 mm). HEYClip SunRunner 90° is designed for use with PV modules mounted in the “landscape” mode. PV modules with shorter than normal junction box cables cannot be dressed out to the sides of the module. The HEYClip SunRunner 90° will allow the junction box cables to be run to the adjacent modules across the short side of the PV module frame.

Heyco Reducer Snap Bushings

Heyco's Reducer Snap Bushings are made of 6/6 nylon and have a mounting diameter of .375" to 2.000". The Reducer Snap Bushings by Heyco offer many benefits, including the ability to convert raw-edged holes to smooth, neat, and insulated holes, locking fingers that snap into holes with fingertip pressure, ability to withstand a push back force of 35 pounds, multiple sizes for use in .375"(9,5mm) to 2"(50,8mm) diameter holes, reduced inside diameter that provides a tighter fit on cables, hose, etc., 94V-2 flammability rating, and UL recognition under file E15331 and CSA certification under file LR8919.

Heyco Potted Solar Junction Box

The Potted Solar Junction Box from Heyco is a low-cost, two-piece device for potted applications that is constructed of high temperature polycarbonate with 5VA and UL f1 ratings to withstand outdoor elements with great cold impact capabilities. Heyco's Potted Solar Junction Box is designed for USE-2 and 1000V PV wire, has a lid that securely snaps on without the use of tools, and has a low profile design that minimizes use of potting material while allowing plenty of access for electrical connections.

Heyco Smooth Bore Bushings

Heyco offers Smooth Bore Bushings designed with a large radius hole and an extra internal insulating sleeve, creating a smooth bore to prevent locking fingers from protruding into the ID of the bushing. It protects wires by eliminating sharp edges, absorbing vibration, and supplying cushioning. This versatile component also protects through-holes and can be used for rotating shafts. Heyco Smooth Bore Bushings are made of 6/6 nylon, carry a 94V-2 flammable rating, and are ideal for a variety of applications, such as combiner boxes, appliances, control panels, medical equipment, and more. UL recognized under File E15331 and CSA certified under file LR8919.

Heyco PVB-101 Photovoltaic Panel Junction Boxes

The Heyco PVB-101 Junction Boxes are a low profile design for single diode, double ribbon photovoltaic panels. The PVB-101 Junction Boxes are the highest performance rated axial diode on the market for a single diode box application. Featuring low insertion force connection of PV ribbons for quick and easy assembly with no soldering, the Heyco PVB-101 junction box offers cable strain relief incorporated in a box.

Heyco NPT and PG Threaded Plugs

Heyco offers NPT and PG Threaded Plugs to provide a lower cost option over brass or steel plugs. The Heyco NPT and PG Threaded Plugs are hex shaped with a slot, enabling wrench or screwdriver installation. These IP68 rated Plugs provide a liquid-tight seal up to 70 psi against salt water, weak acids, gas, alcohol, oil, grease, and common solvents. Ideal for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. The Heyco PG Threaded Plugs are molded of Nylon 6/6 and offer protection to Class IP 50 within a working temperature range of -4°F (-20°C) to 176°F (80°C).

Heyco Solar Masthead™ II Cordgrips

Heyco's Solar MastheadII Cordgrips accommodate USE-2 12 AWG and 10 AWG wire and are designed for solar rooftop installations. With skinned-over glands, the Masthead II Cordgrips offer flexibility to use up to 13 of the available holes while still providing a liquid tight seal around the wire. The cordgrips provide a watertight seal for PV module output leads to inverters and secures input PV leads from the solar panel array strings to the fuse holder hookup within solar combiner boxes.
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