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Harwin has supplied superior electrical interconnects for over 50 years. Harwin's global network of manufacturing, support centers, and distributors allow them to meet the specialist needs of the world interconnection market. Harwin connectors have a proven history in several applications, including Military and Aerospace.

Harwin's Datamate is a professional range of 2mm pitch connectors suitable for high-performance applications. The series of Miniature High Reliability Connectors with latches (L-Tek) or Jackscrews (J-Tek) provide additional connection security and are great for high levels of shock and vibration. The Datamate connectors have a unique contact design that allows 3 amps for signal contacts and up to 20 amps (Mix-Tek) for power contacts. Datamate provides maximum flexibility for design engineering. Reliability When You Need it Most.

G125 Series Gecko Connectors
Harwin EZ-BoardWare RFI & SMT PCB Hardware
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Harwin 2.00mm Test Sockets

Harwin's new Ø2.00mm, low profile test sockets are only 5.16mm in height and are available in through-hole and SMT versions, featuring a flat top for pick and place operations. Both test probe receptacles and sockets are gold plated with dual entry, the receptacles are rated for 5A, and the sockets come in a variety of colors. Harwin's low profile 2.00mm test sockets offer high reliability performance for high end applications.

Harwin EZ-BoardWare EMI/RFI Shield Cans

Harwin EZ-BoardWare EMI/RFI Shield Cans feature 0.3mm shield thickness and are suitable for use with S1711R and S2711R EZ-Shield Clips. These RFI shield cans come in standard 30mm x 20mm, 30mm x 30mm, and 50mm x 25mm sizes.

Harwin G125 Series Gecko Connectors

Harwin G125 Series Gecko Connectors provide a low profile, dual row cable-to-board and board-to-board interconnect solution, ideally suited for stacking and cable mating in areas where PCB real estate is at a premium. With space and weight a consideration for many high-reliability applications, G125 Series Gecko Connectors are designed to offer high performance in a miniature package. Pin spacing of 1.25mm and up to 50 contacts per connector, offers dense pin counts in a small package. This design means that G125 Series Gecko Connectors achieve a 35% space saving over other high-performance connectors such as Micro-D. The connectors also accommodate 2.8A per contact in isolation and 2A simultaneously at 25°C. Tested and proven to allow high performance in extreme conditions, the Harwin G125 Series Gecko Connector family can operate within a wide temperature range (-65°C / +150°C) and under extreme vibration (Z axis 100g 6ms). This high performance is made possible by Harwin’s four-finger patented (pending*) copper alloy contact. The connectors are manufactured to withstand high numbers of mating cycles but also featuring low insertion and extraction forces.

Harwin M50 Archer IDC Connectors

Harwin M50 Archer IDC Connectors are designed to provide fast, reliable connections using fine pitch 0.635mm ribbon cable without the use of special tooling. Design features include IDC contacts for high speed termination, polarization to prevent mis-mating, secure cable retention with positive latching to header. The twin beam contact system with gold-plated copper alloy contacts ensures the mechanical strength of the connector. Harwin M50 Archer IDC Connectors offer 0.5A to 1A per contact current rating, 300V DC within an operating temperature range of -40ºC to +105ºC. IDC connectors are ideal for medium to high volume cable-to-board connections. Harwin M50 Archer IDC Connectors are well-suited for a variety of applications ranging from consumer electronics to the industrial, lighting, and instrumentation and control systems.

Harwin IP68 Hot Shoe Connectors - EXPANSION

Harwin Hot Shoe Connectors have been expanded to include the next generation IP68 Hot Shoe Connectors. IP68 Hot Shoe Connectors retain the same footprint as the existing series and provide secure connections to a depth of 1.5m for up to two hours. IP68 Hot Shoe Connectors are tolerant to misalignment and ideal for use in military, industrial, and medical applications and are available in PC Tail or Solder terminations.

Harwin Hot Shoe Connectors are constructed using spring loaded contacts, maintaining a positive force against the mating connector. Made from a highly durable mould material, the Harwin Hot Shoe Connectors are rugged and robust to withstand dust, water, and chemical agent ingress. Ideal for use in portable equipment where separate battery modules are used and for data transfer docking stations.
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Harwin M83 3-Row Datamate Connectors

Harwin M83 3-Row Datamate Connectors offer high reliability with a space-saving design. Available in 6 standard sizes from 18 to 96 contacts, the 2mm pitch, 3A per contact connectors are ideal for board-to-board or cable-to-board applications where a high number of contacts are required in a small space. The 3-Row Datamate Connectors are available with vertical or horizontal PCB tails and all contacts are gold finish for full RoHS compliance. Applications include Industrial, Medical and Military/Aerospace markets.

Harwin L-Tek Crimp Connectors

Harwin L-Tek Crimp Connectors provide a high performance, high reliability connector system for applications used in in harsh environments where high vibration, shock and extremes of temperature are experienced. These connectors offer a current rating of 3.3A in isolation, 3A on all contacts simultaneously, 25mΩ max. contact resistance, and a durability rating of 500 cycles in an operating temperature range of 55 to +125°C. L-Tek Crimp Connectors are well-suited for soldier-mounted audio, video and data communications, aircraft communication systems, navigation systems, UAVs, and other robotic equipment.

New! Harwin has expanded its line of L-Tek Crimp Connectors to include the Extra Small Bore Crimp Connectors designed to accommodate wire sizes 28-32AWG. These crimp connectors allow designers to use smaller wire gauges in signal applications and thereby reduce the overall weight of equipment.
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Harwin L-Tek High Reliability Datamate Connectors

Harwin's High Reliability 2mm pitch Datamate L‐Tek Connectors are well suited for use in environments where high vibration, shock, and extremes of temperature are a consideration. Datamate connectors offer 4 finger beryllium copper contacts with a proven history in high‐end industrial and Mil/Aero applications. These contacts are rated for 3 amps per contact. The housing for Datamate contacts utilize Beryllium Copper Latching Technology. Latching options include locking latches, friction latches or no latch. Datamate provides maximum design flexibility.

Harwin EZ-BoardWare RFI and SMT PCB Hardware

Harwin's EZ-BoardWare RFI and SMT PCB Hardware products are all designed to make production processes easier, and in some cases eliminate extra processes altogether. These products will increase design flexibility and decrease costs.

New! Harwin EZ-BoardWare EMI/RFI Shield Cans feature 0.3mm shield thickness and are suitable for use with S1711R and S2711R EZ-Shield Clips. These RFI shield cans come in standard 30mm x 20mm, 30mm x 30mm, and 50mm x 25mm sizes.
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- Harwin EZ-Shield Clips secure a RFI shield to a PCB thereby removing secondary soldering and easing re-work and maintenance.
- Harwin EZ-Shield Fingers can be used as grounding contacts with metal frames or shields (ideal for automated placement).
- Harwin EZ-EMI/RFI Shield Cans provide excellent RFI and EMI protection to sensitive circuitry at the PCB level.
- Harwin EZ-Links provide linking and bridging capability between and over tracks, eliminating unnecessary through-holes and PCB layers.
- Harwin EZ-Test Points provide an easy and convenient point on the PCB to take readings.
- Harwin EZ-Cable Clips replace manual assembly of plastic cable clips (retains cables up to 3mm).
- Harwin EZ-Coin Cell Battery Holders are designed to hold coin cells securely in place yet allows the coin cell to be quickly and easily removed when it is run down.
- Harwin EZ-Sockets designed for SMT assembly, provide a cost effective alternative to turned PCB sockets.

Harwin Archer M50 1.27mm Pitch B2B Connectors

Harwin introduces the Archer M50 line of 1.27mm pitch, board-to-board connectors. Harwin has consolidated and expanded the successful M50 connectors with a wide variety of mating heights (sockets from 2.2mm to 8.5mm), different mounting options, in SIL and DIL styles with row spacings of 1.27mm or 2.54mm, and with a current rating of 1A per contact. With a voltage rating of 150V AC and an insulation resistance of 1000MΩ minimum, the Harwin Archer M50 1.27mm Pitch board-to-board connectors boast a very competitive price point, a depth of available stock, high quality, and reliability.

Harwin has expanded the Archer M50 product line to include Jumper Sockets and Shunts designed specifically for the 1.27mm pitch Archer M50 pin header series. The Archer M50 Jumper Sockets and Shunts are stackable and feature a twin beam contact system for cost-effective reliability. These multi-use sockets / shunts provide up to 300 operations and are available with or without handles in a choice of colors.
View the Archer M50 Jumper Sockets and Shunts

Harwin PC/104 and PC/104 Plus Connectors

The 2.54mm pitch PC/104 compatible range of bus connectors for embedded PC applications are designed for stacking boards with a common bus. The devices meet industry standards for embedded PC's, have a maximum 3A current rating, and a press-fit tail option enables solder-free attachment. Configured as 32+32 ways, the connector supports 8 bit systems; while a 20+20 way device combined with the 32 + 32 way offering supports 16 bit systems. With the addition of the 2mm PC/104 Plus connectors, the system becomes PCI Bus compatible. Connectors are available with traditional solder tails carrying a maximum 3A current, or with press-fit tail and a 2A maximum rating. The Harwin components are produced in stack-through and non stack-through versions; the stack-through option allows many modules to be stacked without the need for multiple connector types.

Harwin PCB Sockets

Harwin's PCB sockets offer a range of 4-beam and 6-beam sockets, designed for robustness and reliability, and based on the same design as the Datamate four finger Beryllium Copper Contact. The socket design is a two-part construction comprising of a contact clip retained in a precision-turned outer shell. Options for the shell include closed or open-ended, with or without a knurled section for added board retention.

Harwin C90 Circular Connectors

The Harwin C90 Circular Connectors are a new design based on the existing M90 series with improved form, function, and price point. With ease in handling, the C90 connectors are rugged, but light weight with a sleek, Zinc black Chromate coating on the connector housing. Harwin's new C90 series of Circular Connectors are ideal for those applications which require a RoHS Compliant commercial equivalent for MIL-DTL-5015 (MIL-C-5015) connectors.

J-Tek Datamate Connectors - EXPANSION

Harwin expanded its Datamate product line to include the J-Tek Datamate Connectors with SMT Strain Relief Strap. Designed for high-reliability applications, the J-Tek Datamate Connectors with SMT Strain Relief Strap provides increased resistance to shock and vibration.

Harwin's J-Tek Datamate Connectors are cable to board connectors featuring optional jackscrews for additional mating security. Developed to provide high reliability for applications operated in high vibration, shock, and extreme temperature environments, these durable connectors deliver high performance under 55/125/56 (-55 to 125 ºC, 56 day damp heat steady state) conditions. The shielded J-Tek Connectors meet MIL-STD-1377 compliance standards for EMI/RFI performance, and when paired with Harwin's S-Tek 2mm Datamate Connectors ensure full 360º electrical shielding. With its compact size and high reliable performance, the Harwin J-Tek Connectors are ideally suited for mission-and safety-critical applications in industrial, aerospace, military, medical and research projects.
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