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Global Specialties offers a complete line of electronic training and testing products designed to meet a wide range of circuit design applications and course instruction. Since 1973, Global has provided educators, engineers, technicians, and students with innovative training and testing solutions designed to meet the needs of rapidly changing technology. Today, Global's products continue to set the standard for reliability, durability, and long life and are backed by the industry's best warranties.

Global Specialties Product Line

Global Specialties Featured Products

Global Specialties Transparent Proto-Boards®

Global Specialties Transparent Proto-Boards® are designed to test fixtures and perform lab experiments. The boards are ideal for educational applications because they allow students to clearly view circuit connections. Model PB-242T has 2390 tie points; Model PB-326T has 3220 tie points. Both models come with plastic reed, color-coded and marked contact areas, and 4 binding posts ( 3 red and 1 black).

Global Specialties GSPA Surface Mount Adapters

Global Specialties GSPA is a series of high-end prototyping adapters including a variety of PLCC and SOP to DIP adapter packages. The GSPA Surface Mount Adapters from Global Specialties are designed for applications where high reliability component testing and multiple-use applications are required. The series is ideal for education, prototyping, production,and R&D.

Global Specialties RDB-10 and CDB-10 Decade Boxes

RDB-10 Resistance and CDB-10 Capacitance Decade Boxes from Global Specialties are compact, convenient handheld tools for aiding in engineering design and testing as well as calibration of test equipment. Both are passive devices that require no power source. Global Specialties' RDB-10 and CDB-10 Decade Boxes display a visible white dot when any switch is in the ON position, include a protective rubber holster with tilt-stand for ease of use and viewing, input terminals that accept standard banana plugs, bare wires, spade lugs, or alligator clips, and 1 year warranty.

Individual Model Features:
-RDB-10: high calibration accuracy of 1%, 28 switches organized in a clean 4x7 grid for easy use, can be set at any resistance value from 1 ohm to 11 Megohms in one ohm increments, 7 decades of resistance ranges from 1 Ω to over 11 MΩ in 1 Ω steps, and easy-to-use slide switches that allow for straightforward addition and subtraction of resistance values.
-CDB-10: high calibration accuracy of 5%, 20 switches organized in a clean 4x5 grid for easy use, can be set at any capacitance value from 100 pF to over 11µF in 100 pF increments, 5 decades of capacitance ranges from 100 picoFarads to over 11 microFarads in 100 picoFarad steps, and easy-to-use slide switches that allow for straightforward addition and subtraction of capacitor values.

Global Specialties GS Series Transparent Breadboards & Bus Strip

Global Specialties offers a variety of economical transparent prototype products:
GS-100T Bus Strip is an economically priced bus strip that connects easily via molded key tabs to other economy line breadboarding sockets or bus strips.
GS-630T is a solderless breadboard with 630 tie points.
GS-830T is a solderless breadboard with 830 tie points.

Global Specialties 3600 Logic Analyzer

Global Specialties 3600 32-Channel Logic Analyzer accurately analyzes, validates, and debugs digital signals, but at a value-price. It operates as a stand-alone unit or connects to a computer via USB interface - software, data pods, and logic grabbers included. The Global Specialties 3600 32-Channel Logic Analyzer features 4 groups of 8 channels each (4 groups can be combined in three different Logical configurations), current limit protection, over-voltage protection, internal/external clock selection to sample data, and many features found in higher priced models. Channels can be named and programmed for threshold voltage.

Global Specialties 9004 Four-in-One Test Station

Global Specialties 9004 Four-in-One Test Station is a unique 4-instruments-in-1 test station. The 9004 combines an RF generator (100 KHz to 110 MHz, FM modulation capabilities), highly sensitive frequency counter (100MHz max, 5-digit display), function generator (output of 1Hz to 1MHz with multiple waveforms), and a variable 32V @ 2A DC power supply with adjustable voltage and current limit. Global Specialties 9004 Four-in-One Test Station combines all these features without compromising each individual instrument's operational integrity.