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Eurotech is a global leader in the field of embedded computers and capable of ensuring accuracy and reliability with timely delivery of information. The company creates end-to-end solutions that seamlessly interconnect distributed smart objects and move valuable data between machines, not just within machines. Eurotech helps their customers successfully manage the interface between real world and digital world, between sensors and web, between devices and Cloud. They imagine and implement avenues to use digital technology to make systems smarter, infrastructures greener and key services available for a wider group of people.

The Intel Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Alliance

Eurotech is part of The Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, one of the world's most recognized and trusted technology ecosystems. Members of The Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance include leading solution and service providers from a broad range of industries, who provide the hardware, software, firmware, tools, and systems integration that developers need to take a leading role in the rise of intelligent systems.

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Eurotech New Products

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Eurotech Featured Products

Eurotech Catalyst XL Series

Eurotech's Catalyst XL Module is based on the Intel® Atom™ Z5xxP processor and the Intel System Controller Hub US15WP (Intel® SCH US15W). The Intel Atom processor is implemented using 45nm, High-K technology to offer high-end performance while reducing power consumption, and is validated with the Intel SCH US15W chipset which integrates graphics, memory, and I/O into a small package.

Eurotech Catalyst CV Series

Eurotech's Catalyst CV module delivers dual-core performance at CPU speeds up to 1.6GHz and extensive multimedia performance, all while maintaining an ultra-low power profile. Based on the Intel Atom N2x00 processor with the NM10 Express chipset, the Catalyst CV is a small, compact 67 x 100mm module packed with the latest graphics and performance. It offers the best solution for OEMs who are developing the most demanding multimedia devices in markets such as industrial automation, medical, and in-vehicle infotainment.

Eurotech Catalyst LP Series

Eurotech's Catalyst LP, based on the Intel® Atom N450 and D510 processors and the Intel ICH8M companion chip, offers dual core processing, high end graphics, rich high speed I/O, and more. All of this capability is brought out in the fanless 67 x 100mm form factor typical of the Catalyst product family. With a 400MHz graphics engine, the Catalyst LP offers high-performance graphics with 2-D and 3-D visualization for markets where high-resolution displays are critical, such as in digital signage. In addition, high bandwidth I/O capability and data storage interfaces like SATA make the Catalyst LP ideal for applications requiring extensive data retrieval and processing such as those in the industrial, medical, or human-machine interface markets. The compact, fanless design is well suited for devices both small and powerful. The Catalyst LP supports Windows Embedded Standard and Wind River Linux 3.0.

Eurotech ReliaGATE Development Kits

Eurotech's ReliaGATE 50-21 Development Kits deliver an easy way to get started in M2M communications. The ReliaGATE 50-21 is a multi-service gateway and edge controller. It provides a flexible communication architecture that includes 2G/3G cellular, Wi-Fi, 802.15.4/Zigbee and GPS interfaces. It offers connectivity to a wide range of sensors and edge devices and makes it easy to deliver the data to the business applications. The ReliaGATE 50-21 also includes interfaces for wired connectivity such as Dual Gigabit Ethernet, up to four serial ports, Dual CAN interfaces and isolated analog and digital I/O. The ReliaGATE 50-21 is compatible with Eurotech Everyware™ Device Cloud (EDC), the end-to-end solution to bring data from the field into the business applications, through a flexible and scalable infrastructure and a number of cloud- based services. The ReliaGATE 50-21 can be programmed with the Everyware™ Software Framework (ESF), a portable, high level set of APIs and plug-ins that greatly simplify and speed up the development; for instance, ESF provides the MQTT plug-in, a highly efficient and robust M2M transmission protocol.

Eurotech Everyware Device Cloud Development Kit

Eurotech's Everyware™ Cloud Development Kit bundles all the tools needed to quickly and simply build, deploy and integrate an M2M application. Leveraging the power of Eurotech Everyware Device Cloud (EDC), it allows the developer to create complete end-to-end solutions that bridge the gap between sensors, devices and the business application. The Everyware Cloud Development Kit is a complete package that provides a sample M2M hardware platform, a smart gateway, a portable, high level software framework to program the gateway (ESF), M2M Cloud services and a Dashboard Web Service application as building blocks enabling data flow from the point of collection through the cloud to business enterprise solutions.

Eurotech Vector Series EPIC Single Board Computers

Eurotech's Vector is a feature rich, low power EPIC form factor single board computer that integrates an ample suite of multimedia and I/O capabilities. Supporting the Intel Atom Z5xxP CPU with clock speeds up to 1.6GHz, the Vector is a versatile platform for a wide range of applications. Vector is available in a range of configurations which support a comprehensive set of I/O connections including Gigabit Ethernet, dual CAN 2.0, high speed USB host and client ports, serial ports, and much more. Expansion options such as Mini-PCI, SATA, CompactFlash®, and on-board SSD allow flexibility in boot options and configuration choices. The Vector supports commercial and industrial temperatures and with no fans and is extremely reliable and robust.

Eurotech Catalyst TC Modules

Eurotech Catalyst TC modules are low power, small form factor boards featuring the Intel® Atom™ E6xx processor. It is designed to bring out the full suite of processor capabilities afforded by the Atom processor while optimizing for minimal power consumption, all in a small 67x100mm form factor. The Catalyst TC features SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, CAN, SPI, and more interfaces directly on the module. Multimedia interfaces include LVDS, SVDO, touchscreen, as well as high definition audio. Because it is compliant with the PCIe standard, the Catalyst TC offers flexibility by allowing any PCIe-compliant device to be easily connected, thereby expanding the I/O support. This also frees up carrier-board designs to focus on minimizing space and size usage while optimizing capabilities.