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NEDA Authorized ELMOS Semiconductor Distributor
ELMOS Semiconductor
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ELMOS Semiconductor Products

ELMOS Semiconductor develops and produces semiconductor based system solutions. The company distinguishes itself from its competitors by automotive-compatible high-voltage CMOS technology, as well as by integration of analog and digital functions with on-chip driver performance. In addition to custom ASICs, ELMOS also offers a growing portfolio of innovative application-specific standard products (ASSPs) as well as micromechanical sensors and microsystems.

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ELMOS Semiconductor Product Line

ELMOS Semiconductor New Products

Added 02/2013 ELMOS Semiconductor HALIOS Multi-Purpose Optical Sensors Learn More
Added 02/2013 ELMOS Semiconductor E522.0x Low Quiescent Current Step Down Converters Learn More

ELMOS Semiconductor Featured Products

E931.97 Passive Infrared (PIR) Controller IC

Combines all required functions for a single chip passive infrared (PIR) motion detector.

E520.32 Programmable Smoke Detector Controller

Provides a high current driver for a transmitter LED and a high impedance I-V conversion for the photo current of the receiver diode.

ELMOS E522.0x Low Quiescent Current Step Down Converters

ELMOS E522.0x Low Quiescent Current Step Down Converters provide ultra low quiescent current step down DC/DC converters with integrated power MOSFET. The PFM (Pulse Frequency Modulation) regulator allows outstanding fast line and load response time, stability and high efficiency over the full load current range. The integrated idle detection assures an ultra low idle current and high efficiency with low load currents down to <100μA for the completely powered application. A power-good signal is provided by a high-voltage open drain low-side switch. The E522.0x buck converter accommodates to common single supply micro-controller applications. Low external component count and small QFN20L4 / TSSOP16 package allow compact PCB designs.

ELMOS HALIOS Multi-Purpose Optical Sensors

ELMOS HALIOS® Multi-Purpose Sensors have the patented HALIOS® (High Ambient Light Independent Optical System) principle which is the only process in the world that works with true optical compensation. This allows parasitic physical effects in the photo diode to be largely neutralized, from the ambient light effect to unrivaled temperature stability, far beyond the possibilities of the individual components.