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Eagle-Picher Commercial Power Solutions, a division of Eagle-Picher Technologies, LLC, brings advanced power technologies to challenging commercial applications. The division identifies leading-edge technologies from the defense and research community and develops these into products for high-performance commercial applications.

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Eagle-Picher Batteries LTC-7P

Eagle-Picher Batteries LTC-7P module series was developed for applications requiring high-quality, ruggedly-constructed, low-profile battery configuration. Two cell designs are available as either series connected or parallel connected and reverse charge protection can also be built in for sensitive applications. The Eagle-Picher Batteries LTC-7P are lithium-thionyl chloride batteries.

Eagle-Picher Battery LTC-7PN

The industry-unique Eagle-Picher Battery LTC-7PN was designed specifically to be PCB-compatible with a low-profile, prismatic shape conducive to high-quality, high-energy density, non-position sensitive solutions to your power needs. Eagle-Picher Battery LTC-7PN are lithium-thionyl chloride batteries.

Eagle-Picher Batteries LTC-3PN

Eagle-Picher Batteries LTC-3PN are ideal for applications that have little space and need a reliable, high-energy source. Available in three PCB mounting configurations with 350 mAh packed into 0.0975 in2, Eagle-Picher's LTC-3PN lithium-thionyl chloride battery series has the flexibility to be designed for any mounting geometry.

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