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Cymbet Corporation is an industry leader in thin film battery technology and energy harvesting power management solutions. Cymbet has taken solid state, thin film battery technology concepts and materials and developed a family of commercial products intended to provide new, cost-effective alternative solutions for the electronics designer needing reliable, long lived, non-volatility for common semiconductors. Cymbet produces the EnerChip™ solid-state, rechargeable thin film battery family, a new innovation in energy management and energy storage that provides innovative power storage solutions for many applications including power bridging, permanent power, and wireless sensors.

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Cymbet New Products

Added 03/2014 Cymbet EnerChip RTC Devices Learn More
Added 03/2011 Cymbet CBC-EVAL-09 EP Universal Energy Harvester Eval Kit Learn More
Added 03/2011 Cymbet CBC-EVAL-10 Energy Harvester Evaluation Kit Learn More
Added 07/2010 Cymbet CBC-EVAL-11 EnerChip™ Inductive Charging Evaluation Kit Learn More
Added 05/2010 Cymbet EnerChip™ Thin-Film Batteries Learn More
Added 05/2009 Cymbet EnerChip™ CC EVAL-05 Evaluation Kit Learn More

Cymbet Featured Products

Cymbet CBC-EVAL-09 EP Universal Energy Harvester Eval Kit

The Cymbet CBC-EVAL-09 EnerChip™ EP Universal Energy Harvester Evaluation Kit combines any one of multiple energy harvesting transducers with the EnerChip EP CBC915-ACA energy processor and the EnerChip CBC51100 100µAh solid state battery module. The purpose of the Cymbet CBC-EVAL-09 evaluation platform is to enable designers to quickly develop Energy Harvesting applications. The CBC-EVAL-09 includes a solar cell for initial evaluation kit testing. The Cymbet EnerChip EP Universal Energy Harvester Evaluation Kit accepts inputs from solar, piezoelectric, thermoelectric, or electromagnetic EH transducers and uses EnerChip Solid State Batteries for energy storage when the EH transducer is inactive.

Cymbet CBC-EVAL-10 EnerChip™ CC Energy Harvester Evaluation Kit

Cymbet CBC-EVAL-10 EnerChip CC Energy Harvester Evaluation Kits use the EnerChip CC CBC3150 to provide a simple single chip solution for energy harvesting power conversion, energy storage, and power management. The Cymbet CBC-EVAL-10 is a low-cost solution for solar-based sensors. This Cymbet evaluation kit combines a small solar panel, power management circuit, energy storage, regulated output voltage, and input/output pins for connection to commercially available microcontrollers and radio boards. A 16-pin CBC51100 module is included, providing the EG functions, battery management, and 100µ Ah solid state rechargeable energy storage. The Cymbet CBC-EVAL-10 Enerchip CC Energy Harvester Evaluation Kit is a practical, low-cost realization of an EH-based power system that can provide many years of service without needing battery maintenance.

Cymbet CBC-EVAL-11 EnerChip™ Inductive Charging Evaluation Kit

The Cymbet CBC-EVAL-11 EnerChip™ CC Inductive Charging Evaluation Kit is a demonstration kit combining an inductive transmitter board with a receiver board containing an EnerChip CC CBC3150 solid state storage device with integrated power management. The Cymbet CBC-EVAL-11 EnerChip CC Inductive Charging Evaluation Kit is an inductive charger for the CBC3150 with integrated energy storage management and energy harvesting emulation. The Cymbet CBC-EVAL-11 system consists of an inductive wireless transmitter module tuned to a frequency of 13.56 MHz and an inductive wireless charger (receiver module). The transmitter module is designed to be powered by a computer USB port.

Cymbet EnerChip™ Thin-Film Batteries

Cymbet EnerChip™ solid-state, rechargeable thin-film batteries are a new innovation in energy storage and power management that provides energy storage in a form factor and with a convenience not previously attainable using conventional solutions such as lithium coin cells and super capacitors. The Cymbet EnerChip thin-film battery family is ideally suited for applications in which battery backup power is needed to maintain the settings of MCU memories, real-time clocks, and SRAM during power loss or power failures. These Cymbet EnerChip rechargeable thin-film batteries can provide back-up power ranging from a few hours to several weeks depending on the stand-by current requirements of the system. The EnerChip family includes the CBC012 12µAh thin-film battery, the CBC050 50µAh thin-film battery, the CBC3112 12µAh battery combined with Integrated Battery Management, and the CBC3150 50µAh battery combined with Integrated Battery Management.

Cymbet EnerChip™ CC EVAL-05 Evaluation Kit

The Cymbet EnerChip™ CC EVAL-05 Evaluation Kit demonstrates the capabilities of both the EnerChip thin-film rechargeable batteries and the EnerChip CC with Integrated Battery Management capabilities. The Cymbet EnerChip CC EVAL-05 Evaluation Kit includes two EnerChip CC devices, the CBC3112 and a CBC3150, with battery capacities of 12 µAh and 50 µAh, respectively. This Cymbet evaluation kit can either be used to demonstrated one of the batteries, one of the EnerChip CC devices or one of the EnerChip CC devices in parallel with an EnerChip thin-film battery. The Cymbet EnerChip CC EVAL-05 Evaluation Kit charges itself with a controlled voltage using an internal charge pump that operates from 2.5V to 5.5V. When the primary power supply dips below a user-defined threshold voltage, the EnerChip CC will signal this event and route the battery voltage to Vout. The EnerChip CC also has battery protection circuitry to enable thousands of recharge cycles.

Texas Instruments ez430-RF2500-SEH Development Tool featuring Cymbet Solar Energy Harvester

The Texas Instruments eZ430-RF2500-SEH Development Tool featuring the Cymbet CBC-EVAL-08 EnerChip™ EH Solar Energy Harvesting Evaluation Kit helps designers create a perpetually powered wireless sensor network based on the ultra-low-power MSP430™ microcontroller (MCU). The eZ430-RF2500-SEH Solar Energy Harvesting kit includes a solar panel energy transducer that receives its storage and starting power from Cymbet EnerChip thin-film batteries. The module's high efficiency solar panel is optimized for operating indoors under low-intensity fluorescent lights that provide enough power to run a wireless sensor application. This TI development kit has inputs for external energy harvesters and stores additional energy in the pair of EnerChips. The eZ430-RF2500 is used to run the energy harvesting application and is a complete USB-based MSP430 wireless development tool. The TI kit includes a debugging interface that allows for real-time, in-system debugging and programming for the MSP430 and is also the interface to transfer data to a PC from a wireless system.