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NEDA Authorized TE Connectivity Distributor

TE Connectivity / Corcom is the world leader in RFI technology. Since 1955, Corcom has been providing solutions to leading telecommunications, computer, industrial and medical companies worldwide through their wide range of power line filters, power entry modules, and filtered modular jacks (RJ11-RJ45), which are specifically designed to help bring equipment into FCC and international emissions standards. Corcom's product line includes telecom and Ethernet connectors, EMI / RFI suppressors and ferrites, feed-thru capacitors, frequency control filters, as well as power line filters. All Corcom RFI filters have been designed and tested for susceptibility and/or emissions applications, and have received approval from major safety agencies throughout the world, including UL, CSA and VDE.

TE Connectivity Newest Products

TE Connectivity / Corcom Product Line

TE Connectivity / Corcom New Products

Added 01/2014 TE Connectivity H, HQ, HT, HZ Medical Power Line Filters Learn More
Added 06/2012 TE Connectivity FB Series Power Line Filters Learn More
Added 01/2010 TE Connectivity SRBY Series Power Line Filters Learn More
Added 11/2009 TE Connectivity DB Series Inlet Filters Learn More
Added 05/2009 TE Connectivity EMI / RFI Power Entry Filter P Series Learn More
Added 05/2009 TE Connectivity Power Entry Modules Series: GG Learn More

TE Connectivity / Corcom Featured Products

TE Connectivity / Corcom H, HQ, HT, HZ Medical Power Line Filters

TE Connectivity / Corcom Medical Power Line Filters include H, HQ, HT, HZ Series, featuring the newest expansion of 20A versions. These series are designed for easy connection and are available for chassis or panel installation. Features include minimal leakage current, low profile design, and capacitive input for maximum filter performance. The filters are compliant with internal spacing requirements for UL60601-1, 3rd edition applications and are UL recognized, CSA certified, and VDE approved. Suitable applications include dialysis machines, diagnostic equipment, medical lasers, CAT scanners, MRT scanners, dentist equipment, operating room equipment, and physical therapy equipment.

TE Connectivity / Corcom Medium Performance P Series Power Entry Modules - EXPANSION

TE Connectivity / Corcom has expanded the P Series Power Entry Modules offering to include the medium performance filter option featuring compact, two-stage filters with 3A, 6A, or 10A ratings. The Corcom Medium Performance P Series Power Entry Modules have single or dual fuses with an optional DPST switch. These compact, two-stage filters are suitable for applications with increased attenuation requirements in higher frequencies where a smaller size is desirable. Available in snap-in or flange mount versions with an option of horizontal or vertical mounting ears.

TE Connectivity / Corcom Power Entry Module, CHAMELEON P series, is the first 10 amp module to provide all five power entry functions in one compact design. The CHAMELEON P series Power Entry Modules offer snap-in or flange mounting, North American and metric fusing capabilities, an optional DPST on/off switch, and filter options for general purpose, medical, and high-performance EMI filtering applications. With optional adapters, the CHAMELEON P fits several standard panel cutouts.
View the entire Corcom P Series Power Entry Modules Series

TE Connectivity / Corcom FB Series Power Line Filters

TE Connectivity's Corcom FB Series Power Line Filters are specially designed for lighting devices, fluorescent lamp and related lighting ballasts but are also suitable for applications requiring 277 VAC or 277 VDC. The compact size of this filter allows installation in most standard lighting tracks. Current ratings range from .5A to 5A. The FB Series Power Line Filters offer good attenuation in the range of 100kHz to 30MHz. These products are UL listed to UL 935, the industry standard for florescent ballasts.

Tyco Electronics / Corcom EMI / RFI Power Entry Filter P Series

Tyco Electronics / Corcom offers EMI / RFI Power Entry Filters, P Series,3-10Amps, for high performance applications (including medical) and switching power supply applications. The EMI / RFI Power Entry Filters feature a DPST switch type and a single AC voltage input.

Tyco Electronics / Corcom Power Entry Modules Series: GG

The Tyco Electronics / Corcom Power Entry Module, Series GG, combines the functions of a general purpose RFI filter with an IEC power cord connector and single or dual metric fusing. Available in 1-, 3-, 6-, and 10-Amp versions, the Tyco Electronics / Corcom Power Entry Module GG series is ideal for communication equipment, computer and consumer electronics, light industrial, and portable electronic devices, to name a few.

Tyco Electronics / Corcom Power Line Filter

Tyco Electronics / Corcom´s compact, chassis-mount power line filter uses single-stage filtering to achieve high-differential mode performance. Ideal for portable equipment, this power line filter has a low leakage current of only 0.16 mA at 120 VAC/60 Hz. Applications for the Corcom power line filter includes high-noise industrial environments, portable equipment, HVAC equipment, switched mode power supplies, and vending equipment including ATMs, café vending, and kiosks.

Tyco Electronics / Corcom DB Series Inlet Filters

The Tyco Electronics / Corcom DB Series Inlet Filters are available in four levels of filtering or an unfiltered version. These inlets accept up to 60 amps of current at 150 volts DC (UL/CSA) and 120 volts DC (TUV) in the filtered versions and 300 volts AC or DC in the unfiltered version. These Tyco Electronics / Corcom DB series Inlet Filters are compact and reliable for high-current DC applications such as telecom equipment, automotive equipment, data communications, and power distribution panels.