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Chip Quik
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Chip Quik provides solutions for a wide variety of prototype board rework needs from SMD removal to replacement of chip components and board troubleshooting. With Chip Quik, design engineers save time and money because expensive equipment or outside technicians are not needed. Using the Chip Quik Kit is fast, safe, easy, and affordable and is now being utilized throughout the entire electronics industry in Automotive, Industrial, Consumer, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Medical, and more.

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Chip Quik Featured Products

Chip Quik USB Digital Pen Microscope

Chip Quik USB Digital Pen Microscope provides 1x to 200x adjustable magnification and 1600 x 1200 resolution in true color. Images are displayed on the computer screen via the USB port. With this microscope it is possible to magnify circuit probe points for accurate measurement, enlarge and photograph probe points for easy identification, and inspect circuit boards for defects.

CHIPQUIK SMD Rework Products

The SMD Rework Products from ChipQuik® are available in both lead and lead-free formulas for use on lead and lead-free PCBs. ChipQuik's No Clean SMD-291 Flux in 10 cc. Syringe with Nozzle is non-corrosive, non-conductive, and ideal for all rework solder and desolder applications. It has a pleasant odor, is easily cleaned, and has a tacky paste flux that will not run all over the PCB when applied. The SMD291NL version for Lead-Free Rework includes a No Clean Tack Flux and 5cc. Syringe with handle and tip.

CHIPQUIK Lead-Free SMD Removal Kit

The SMD Removal Kit from Chip Quik® works on lead and lead-free PCB's. Chip Quik's RoHS compliant Lead and Lead-Free SMD Removal Kit, which includes Flux in 1 cc syringe, lead-free removal alloy, and alcohol pads, is capable of removing 8-10 SMD's. Chip Quik® is a fast, safe, and easy technology for removing Surface Mounted Devices (SMDs) from printed circuit boards. There is no need for expensive tips or nozzles and there is no damage to the PC board or adjacent components, thus eliminating the frustration of having to throw away the PC board because of non-removability of parts.

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