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Cellergy designs, develops, and produces Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs), also known as Super-capacitors or Ultra-capacitors for the industrial, consumer, mobile, and medical electronic markets and applications. Cellergy offers a cutting-edge, proprietary screen printing process that aids in the delivery of cost-effective, energy-saving, high-performing, customizable and environmentally safe Super-capacitors that are offered in the smallest footprint on the market and in the world (12x12.5mm) for space limited applications.

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Cellergy Super Capacitors

Cellergy Super Capacitors are Aqueous Electrolyte Pulse Application Super Capacitors for high-current pulse transmission, available in the standard CLG series and the newest additions, the low leakage CLC series and extra capacitance CLK series. These low ESR electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLC's) from Cellergy are capable of storing large amounts of energy and utilize aqueous component technology that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Cellergy's Super Capacitors were designed to act as a bridge between electrolyte capacitors and batteries and offer high power relative to batteries as well as high energy relative to electrolyte capacitors. In addition, these Super Capacitors are used to extend the lifetime of a battery for maximum exploitation and extend secondary battery operation. Cellergy offers four Super-Cap footprints, which include the smallest footprint on the market and in the world (12x12.5mm) for space-limited applications, in both flat lead "F" and surface mount "L" versions. Applications that use these Super-Caps are industrial, medical, consumer, RF, backup or current booster for mechanical applications, and energy harvesting.