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CCS is a leading provider of low cost specialized development tools exclusively for Microchip PIC® MCUs. The highly optimized C Compiler with hundreds of Built-in Functions, drivers, and example programs make starting any project quick and easy. CCS In-circuit programmers and debuggers work flawlessly with the C Aware Advanced Debugger or with our stand-alone PC software, CCSLOAD.

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CCS PRIME8 Production Programmer

The CCS PRIME8 Production Programmer has eight In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP™) jacks which enable high volume chip programming by allowing up to eight targets to be programmed at once or individual targets to be selected.The RoHS compliant CCS PRIME8 Production Programmer features:
• 2 MB internal memory
• 8 selectable targets
• Ability to supply up to 200 mA to each target
• Support for 2V to 5V targets
• An SD card reader that eliminates the need for a PC and the point of programming
• LCD menu and control buttons that allow the user to instruct the unit to program a
device, verify the program status, enable individual targets, specify hex file, read the chip serial ID and create unique serial numbers
• ID Memory that allows the user to store checksum or program information that can be
read and displayed. This can be used to verify the correct firmware to the processor
even if the device has been read-protected
• PRIME8 serial numbering capability that assigns a unique serial number to devices during programming and is ideal in production environments
• Green/Red Pass/Fail LEDs for each target

CCS Capacitive Touch Development Kit

The CCS Capacitive Touch Development Kit creates human touch applications employing contact sensitive hardware. The CCS development kit includes a Prototyping Board with Microchip's new PIC16LF727 MCU -- part of the new generation of Enhanced Mid-Range family of PIC16 devices with mTouch™ Sensing Solution technology. The CCS Capacitive Touch Development Kit includes a Capacitive Touch prototyping board, in-circuit programmer/debugger, a 9V AC adapter and cable, an Exercise Tutorial with 14 example programs that step through capacitive touch applications, and a carrying case.


The CCS PCWH IDE Compiler is a Windows Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the 12-, 14-bit, and PIC18 devices. IDE allows users to quickly produce very efficient code from an easily-maintainable high-level language. Includes the powerful C Aware Advanced Debugger and Editor, Multiple Compilation Units, Project Wizards, Special Viewers, powerful serial communication terminal, statistics generation, and more.

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