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Azoteq is the world leader in capacitive proximity and touch solutions for next generation user interfaces. The ProxSense® capacitive sensors are the most sensitive and robust proximity and touch controllers available for use in touch keys, touch keypads, metal touch panels, non-ITO LCD screens, single layer ITO touch screens and 3D touch screens. The combination of proximity and touch enables new applications such as proximity wake up, backlight illumination and air gestures. Azoteq's ProxSense® provides the next evolution in user interfaces for consumer, medical, industrial and automotive applications.

Azoteq ProxSense Proximity and Touch Sensing Controllers

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Azoteq IQS133 IQ Switch ProxSense 3-Channel Capacitive Sensors

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Azoteq offers over 20 products for surface and projected capacitive sensors. The controllers are suitable for capacitive proximity and touch sensing, non-ITO LCD touch screen displays, single layer ITO touch screens, 3D touch screens and metal touch panels.

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Azoteq ProxSense


The Azoteq ProxSense® family of capacitive sensors are the most sensitive and robust proximity and touch controllers available today.

ProxSense® unique technical features:

  • 1000 x more sensitive than competition (allows proximity)
  • Ultra low power consumption (down to 3µA)
  • RF Immunity
  • Water Immunity
  • RF noise detection
  • Auto Antenna Tuning
  • AC Noise filtering
  • Driven Shield
  • On-chip regulator
  • Integration of external components
  • Lowest system cost

Azoteq has more than 39 patents issued and pending on capacitive sensors technology and the proximity and touch user interfaces.

Azoteq IQS316 IQ Switch ProxSense Capacitive Sensing Controllers