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ECIA Authorized ARCOL Distributor
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ARCOL is a supplier and manufacturer specializing in power resistors. An international company with ISO9001 approval, ARCOL houses every process in a single location. From design and purchasing to manufacture, production and sales, you are assured consistency and excellence in all products. Special technologies are used in their high voltage / high resistance, low ohms / foil / current sense, high pulse / energy absorb, thick film, thin film, and wirewound products. ARCOL can assist in resolving special requirements in applications such as traction (auxiliary power devices), power generation and distribution, motor drives, power supplies, and GTO protection circuits.

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ARCOL RWS7 & RWS10 SMD Resistors

ARCOL RWS7 & RWS10 Precision Power Wirewound SMD Resistors are the highest power SMDs commercially available. The RWS7 & RWS10 Series Precision Power Wirewound SMD Resistors from ARCOL have an optimized thermal design that offers greater efficiency and improved surge capacity of up to five times for five seconds, while reducing surface temperature rise when compared with other resistors. These RoHS compliant resistors have been engineered to reduce long-term thermal damage to boards and surrounding components. RWS7 & RWS10 SMD Resistors are available in a low inductance format.

ARCOL 8 Watt Current Sense Chip Resistor - AP5025

The ARCOL 8 Watt Current Sense Chip Resistor, AP5025 series is capable of dissipating a stunning 8 watts with recommended thermal management architecture on the PCB. Measuring just 12.8mm x 6.4mm, the ARCOL 8 Watt Current Sense Chip Resistor has excellent pulse / surge performance.

ARCOL Power Resistors: HS Series

ARCOL HS Series of aluminum housed power resistors are designed for direct heatsink mounting with thermal compound to achieve maximum performance. A special encapsulation material and process allow for high insulation levels with minimal thermal resistance at the element. ARCOL aluminum power resistors have a resistance range of R005 to 100KΩ, up to 600W, a tolerance from 0.5%, and high power-to-volume ratio.