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Digi International XBee-PRO® ZB Programmable Modules

Digi International XBee-PRO® ZB Programmable Modules make customizing ZigBee® applications easy. A built-in processor enables the customization separate from the RF code. Programming directly on the Digi International XBee-PRO ZB Programmable Modules eliminates the need for a separate processor. Because the wireless software is isolated, applications can be developed using Digi International XBee-PRO Programmable Modules with no risk to RF performance or security. XBee-PRO ZB embedded RF modules provide cost-effective wireless connectivity to devices in ZigBee mesh networks. The XBee-PRO ZB Programmable Dev Kit (XBP24-BZTB-DK) makes it easy to develop designs using XBee-PRO ZB Programmable Modules.

RFM XDM2510H RF Transceiver Modules

RFM XDM2510H RF transceiver modules employ dynamic network optimization and intelligent routing to achieve carrier-class data reliability, low latency, and deterministic power management. The RFM XDM2510H module provides WirelessHART® compatibility, excellent communications reliability, and long battery life in a wide range of industrial automation applications. RFM XDM2510H RF transceiver modules are tailored for use in battery, energy-scavenging, and loop powered devices for applications that demand robust wireless network reliability. The multi-functional interfaces of the XDM2510H gives it the flexibility to be used in a wide variety of industrial applications, from process control and data acquisition to energy management. These RFM transceiver modules require no embedded programming, greatly reducing the development time and cost of a wireless sensor network application.

Laird Technologies ZB2430 Wireless Module

The Laird Technologies Wireless M2M Solutions ZB2430 2.4GHz Wireless Module family includes the Z100S1 surface mount module with 100mW output power. The Laird Wireless Z100S1 has an outdoor range of 4.8km (with external antenna) and an indoor range of 400m. This powerful ZigBee™-compliant solution provides Over-the-air download (OAD) firmware updating capability. Laird Wireless ZB2430 devices also provide low power conservation, ease of integration, and high-performance features and functionality. Z100S1 modules are ideal for power-restricted or battery-operated applications and their excellent receive and power-down performance tops any comparable transceiver module on the market. All modules in the ZB2430 family are based on Texas Instruments´ leading edge 802.15.4 SoC & Z-Stack™ technology and can be used globally.

CEL FreeStar Pro ZFSM-201-1 Transceiver Module

The CEL FreeStar Pro ZFSM-201-1 transceiver module provides a high-performance, cost-effective RF transceiver solution for 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee®, and ZigBee PRO data links and wireless networks and is based on the Freescale MC13224V transceiver platform. The CEL FreeStar Pro ZFSM-201-1 combines the Freescale transceiver IC with an on-board 100mW power amplifier to deliver extensive processing capability, high output power, low-power consumption, and high integration. This CEL transceiver module includes integrated PCB trace antenna, extensive on-board memory resources, and 16 RF channels. The FreeStar Pro ZFSM-201-1 is ideal for remote sensing, AMR/AMI, home and building automation, industrial control, and security applications.

Panasonic Electronic Components PAN4561 2.4 GHz ISM Transceiver

The Panasonic Electronic Components PAN4561 2.4 GHz ISM RF transceiver module can be used for simple point-to-point proprietary devices or complex mesh networks by choosing from different firmware options. Optional Synapse SNAP® firmware provides a highly flexible, industry leading solution for mesh networking with a complete network development environment. The Panasonic Electronic Components PAN4561 uses the same Freescale eight-bit GT60 processor as the Panasonic PAN4555, making the two products application compatible. The PAN4561 RF module has 55 pins, allowing access to the full functionality of the MC13213 SOC. Low noise and power amplifiers have been added to the PAN4561 for extended range.This Panasonic Electronic Components device features the best range in its class. The module provides a maximum transmit power of 20dBm and receive sensitivity of -105dBm, giving it a link margin of 125dBm.

Digi International XBee® Multipoint RF Modules

Digi International XBee® PRO Multipoint RF Modules provide critical end-point connectivity to Digi's Drop-in Networking product family. These low-cost, easy-to-deploy Multipoint RF Modules are ideal for applications requiring low latency and predictable communication timing. Providing quick, robust communication in point-to-point, peer-to-peer and multipoint/star configurations, Digi International XBee Multipoint RF Modules enable robust end-point connectivity with ease. These Digi International devices feature 802.15.4/Multipoint network topologies and are fully interoperable with other Digi Drop-In networking products.