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Over the years, improvements in home solar power systems have made them less expensive, more efficient and easier to install than older systems. One of the latest technological improvements is a device called a solar micro inverter and this may prove to be a major upgrade to the standard solar panel.

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Micro Inverters

MCUA solar micro inverter converts direct current (DC) from a single solar panel to alternating current (AC). The electric power from several micro inverters is combined and fed into an existing electrical grid. Micro inverters have several advantages over conventional central inverters. The main advantage is that, even small amounts of shading, debris or snow lines in any one solar panel, or a panel failure, does not disproportionately reduce the output of an entire array. Each micro inverter obtains optimum power by performing maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for its connected panel.

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Cables & Connectors

PowerPhotovoltaic wiring and connector systems have high resistance against environmental conditions such as humidity , UV - radiation and ozone . In addition, mating safety is provided by polarity keyed housings, fully shrouded high cycle life contacts and a squeeze to release connection system. The cable and connectors should have excellent resistance to abrasion and temperature extremes. The wire has a high dielectric withstanding voltage and due to its fine-stranded, tin plated copper conductor, it is easy to handle, bend, route, and to strip.

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Junction / Combiner Box

RFCombiner Boxes are used in central inverter intallations to combine multiple solar panel strings into one output string to the DC/AC inverter. These boxes come prewired for a simple plug and play system ready to connect the solar panels directly to the DC/AC inverter. This is not necessary if you’re using Micro Inverters.

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Disconnect Switches

AnalogSolar disconnect switches provide the best solution for switching solar photovoltaic (PV) circuits off safely. PV modules directly convert the sun’s light into electricity, providing power during daylight hours. Working with these systems, there needs to be a cut-off before the main panel so installers can work safely.

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Feed-in Breaker Circuit

The Feed-in Breaker offers protection, control and isolation of PV Array, devices and cables, definitely plays a role in ensuring both an adequate protection of people and of the assets related to the system, and an adequate production of energy over the years.

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Featured Products
ST Microelectronics Cool Bypass Switch
ST Microelectronics
Cool Bypass Switch
  • Schottky diode function with better performance
  • Very low VF
  • Very low IR
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TE Connectivity SOLARLOK System
TE Connectivity
  • Simple interconnection of photovoltaic systems
  • Includes connectors, cables and combiner boxes
  • Significantly reduces system installation costs
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Amphenol Helios H4 Solar Connectors
Amphenol Helios H4
Solar Connectors
  • UL, TUV and CSA approved
  • Highest current rating in industry
  • Fully intermateable with industry standard
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NXP Semiconductor MPT612 MPPT IC
NXP Semiconductor

  • Dedicated IC for MPPT
  • ARM7 based core
  • Software stack with proprietary MPPT algorithm
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Nichicon UCS & UPW Series Design Kits
Nichicon UCS & UPW
Series Design Kits

  • Miniature sized high voltage capacitors
  • Long Life, board level, low ESR product
  • For Micro/Mini Inverter applications
Learn More
Diodes Inc. Super Barrier Rectifier
Diodes Inc.
Super Barrier Rectifier

  • Very low reverse leakage for maximum efficiency of solar panel
  • "Green" molding compound No Br, Sb)
  • Qualified to IEC 61730-2 standard
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For an endless amount of clean energy, Europe and the rest of the world only need to look to the sun. The photovoltaic market appears to be very sunny, as innovation and lower technology costs continue to help light the way.
Contributed by Fairchild
Solar power is a fast-growing market, with around 35% CAGR over in the last two years. This is not surprising, since it is driven by improvements in panel efficiency, guaranteed feed-in tariffs in more and more countries and by the fact that it represents "clean" energy, with no noise or pollution.
Contributed by TDK-EPC
Photovoltaic installations are set up in exposed locations such as roofs, and increasingly also in open spaces. This makes them susceptible to high risks due to overvoltages, which are increased still further by the long leads between the solar modules and inverters...