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Wireless / RF Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting is a key technology for enabling long-term, maintenance-free operation of low-power electronic devices, such as wireless sensors. By capturing waste energy from the environment, from such sources as lighting, temperature differentials, vibrations, and radio waves (RF energy), it can be reused to operate low-power electronic devices. Of these micro-power energy sources, energy from RF transmitters can provide unique benefits including predictable and consistent power over distance, and enable the energy harvester to be untethered from the power source. Ambient RF energy is currently available from billions of radio transmitters around the world, including mobile telephones, handheld radios, mobile base stations, and television/ radio broadcast stations.

For More information read our white paper: RF-based Wireless Charging and Energy Harvesting

Why choose RF Power?

Wire-free Operation
  • Untethered placement and mobility
  • Operates anywhere in range of an RF power source
  • One-to-many charging
End product differentiation
  • Sealable / waterproof
  • Zero maintenance
  • Power source is controlled/deterministic
  • Available on demand
  • Minimal effects from weather / time-of-day
Featured Wireless / RF Energy Harvesting Product

Powercast Lifetime Power® Energy Harvesting Development Kit for Wireless Sensors

The Powercast Lifetime Power® Energy Harvesting Development Kit for Wireless Sensors is a complete demonstration and development platform for creating battery-free wireless sensor applications powered by RF energy. This Powercast kit features a Microchip Technology PIC® MCU with eXtreme Low Power (XLP) Technology and includes an RF transmitter, RF energy harvesting receiver boards and antennas, wireless sensor boards, and more. The wireless sensor boards of the Powercast Lifetime Power Energy Harvesting Development Kit are powered by the P2110 Powerharvester Receiver, which converts RF energy into DC power. No batteries are needed to power the wireless sensor board. RF energy is converted into DC and stored in a capacitor.

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