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Applications & Technologies

Applications & Technologies

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Space Technology

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Microsemi Timing and Synchronization ICs

Phoenix Contact
HEAVYCON EVO - Heavy Duty Industrial Connectors

Roederstein F1772S X2 Interference Suppression Capacitors for Harsh Environments

Texas Instruments
TMS320F28069 Piccolo MCUs and Kits

Panasonic AN44183A
Microstepping Motor Drivers

Molex Micro-Lock™
1.25mm Pitch
Wire-to-Board Systems

Featured Articles

Crossing the Uncanny Valley

Mouser Electronics

Most people do not believe they interact or live with robots other than the ones we see on TV or in the movies. But, robots already play an important role in our lives...

Sound Solutions for Wireless Audio

Mouser Electronics

The earliest forms of wireless links used high-voltage spark gaps as a means of communicating. Morse code was used over these primitive radio links as....

Not By MOSFETs and Processors Alone: Passive Components Also Critical to Advanced Motor Control

Mouser Electronics

Without a doubt, passive devices and connectors do not get enough credit for the critical role they play in motor controls. Although selecting a sense resistor seems like a simple ...

Solar Energy Harvesting Project to Power a Remote MSP430 with 2.4GHz Notification

Mouser Electronics

Remote sensors exist within the Internet of Things, so powering via energy harvesting (EH) makes sense. Although EH is more complicated, this article shows the steps for optimal design....

Grant Imahara – Empowering Innovation Together