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ECIA Authorized APM HEXSEAL Distributor
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APM HEXSEAL specializes in the design and manufacture of molded elastomeric rubber dynamic seals for environmental protection ofelectrical controls for industrial, marine, consumer, and militaryapplications. Most products, including self-sealing fasteners, are ULand CSA-recognized and/or QPL-listed.

APM HEXSEAL Product Line

APM HEXSEAL Featured Products

APM Hexseal Self Sealing Fastener Engineering Kits

APM Hexseal Self Sealing Engineering Fastener Kits require no liquid adhesives or sealants, which means little or no waste disposal or respiratory safety. When just fastening is not enough, Self Sealing Engineering Fastener Kits provide positive sealing under pressure or vacuum, are easy to install, and are compatible with all surface finishes. Uniformity and high strength assure repeatable performance, and metal-to-metal contact resists loosening due to vibration and assures fastening integrity. APM Hexseal Self Sealing Engineering Fastener Kits are the only fasteners that come with UL Recognition.

APM Hexseal Colored Lamp Filters

APM Hexseal SILIKROME® Colored Lamp Filters are resistant to salt, spray, weather, sunlight, ozone, and most acids. These color lamp filters are available in a variety of standard colors, including red, green, blue, lunar white, amber, and yellow and offer a minimum shelf life of 25 years, temperature range of -112ºF to +400ºF(-80ºC to +204ºC), flexibility, and protection against shattering. APM Hexseal's SILIKROME® Colored Lamp Filters are re-usable, easy to mount, and act as a shock mount.

APM Hexseal Switch and Circuit Breaker Sealing Boots

APM Hexseal offers a variety of Switch and Circuit Breaker Sealing Boots designed to protect switches, potentiometers, encoders, and circuit breakers against dust, dirt, grease, moisture, and other contaminants. APM Hexseal's HEXSEAL® and E-SEEL® Toggle Switch Boots and Pushbutton Boots are molded from a high tear-strength silicone rubber bonded to a built-in mounting nut, forming a water-tight and dust-tight seal against the switch front panel surface. The Economy SNAPSEEL® Shouldered Mounting Nuts, ideal for moderate temperature conditions and lower-demand commercial-grade applications, protect switches and potentiomenters with a molded neoprene boot that snaps over a specially designed shouldered mounting nut. HEXSEAL® and E-SEEL® Sealing Boots for lever-actuated style circuit breakers are molded from APM Hexseal's proprietary RUBRGLAS™, a transparent high tear-strength silicone rubber that won't yellow or discolor, and are supplied with APM's patented self-sealing SEELSKREWS®, which ensures a dust-tight and water-tight seal without compromising breaker operation or position status viewing.

APM HEXSEAL Self-Sealing Hardware

APM HEXSEAL offers various self-sealing fasteners and washers, including SEELSKREWS®, SEELBOLTS®, SEELNUTS®, and SEELOC® WASHERS. This reusable hardware features positive sealing under pressure or vacuum, resists loosening due to vibration, and optional O-ring seal materials assure performance with a wide variety of gasses and liquids.