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Apex Tool Group
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Apex Tool Group was formed as a joint venture between Danaher Tool Group and Cooper Tools. Apex Tool Group offers industrial, commercial, and do-it-yourself customers an unparalleled selection of high performance hand tools and power tools. One of the largest global producers of tools, Apex Tool Group serves a multitude of markets, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy, hardware, industrial, and consumer retail. The Apex Tool Group portfolio markets its own brand as well as several private labels.

Apex Tool Group Product Line

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Apex Tool Group Weller BP Cordless Soldering Irons

Apex Tool Group Weller BP Cordless Light Duty Soldering Irons feature new Model 650 4.5W and Model 865 6-8W. These irons, upgraded from previous models, provide better heat performance, a new switch with safety cap detent, and battery cap orientation markers. The new BP cordless irons are compatible with existing Weller tips.

Apex Tools 230V Soldering Station Sets

Apex Tools 230V Soldering Station Sets range encompasses a wide variety of soldering power stations, hot air stations, soldering iron magnastats, unregulated main irons, heat guns, preheating plates and infrared heating plates.

Apex Tool Group Weller LED Soldering Irons

Apex Tool Group Weller LED Soldering Irons range from 15 to 80W and feature three 5mm high-temperature, long-life LEDs at 25 Lumens/ft for soldering accuracy and application illumination. These Weller LED Soldering Irons have a co-molded soft grip ribbed handle for comfort and reduced slippage and are rounded for ease of rotation. These tools feature a high-performance stainless steel heater that heats up to 750ºF. The LED lighted illumination added to its soldering capabilities makes these Weller soldering irons increasingly accurate and ideal for use in small, intricate spaces.

Apex Tool Group Weller WX Series Solder System

Weller WX Series Solder System from Apex Tool Group features a glass touch screen, intuitive user interface, energy-saving sleep mode, and multi-language display. The glass capacitive tough screen has a patented anti-static, chemical and temperature resistant coating. The multi-language menu is accessed via a turn and click control wheel with finger guide and enter key. WX2 is a dual digital unit with a 120 watt rating when two irons are used simultaneously, and a 200 watt rating for single iron use. A multi-purpose USB port facilitates easy firmware updates, parameter setting, monitoring, and personalization. All Weller WX compatible tools have an integrated sensor system, customized bit calibration independent of the base station, a built-in signal reader, and internal memory. A wide selection of soldering tips and other Weller soldering accessories, such as fume extraction systems and heating plates, complete the system for a total soldering solution. View video for more information.

Apex Tool Group Volume Fume Extractors

Apex Tool Group Volume Fume Extraction system guarantees a filtration efficiency of 99.5% with a maximum extraction rate of 140 m3/h. These fume extractors feature electronic filter control, noise damped metal housing, variable speed, and alarm function for an easy filter exchange. A quick and simple installation of the mobile fume extraction unit can purify air at 2 workplaces.