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NEDA Authorized Amphenol Distributor

Amphenol Sine Systems, a division of Amphenol Corporation, is a global leader providing interconnection options such as plugs, receptacles, connectors, and backshells, as well as MiniBoss™ receptacles, cable assemblies, and accessories. Amphenol Sine Systems designs innovative combinations of industry standard connectors and application specific shielding components to create assembly systems that are cost effective and reliable.

Amphenol Newest Products

Amphenol SINE Systems Product Line

Amphenol SINE Systems New Products

Added 02/2013 Amphenol AT-SR01 Connectors Learn More
Added 08/2012 Amphenol AHD & AT/ATP Series™ Connectors Learn More
Added 06/2010 Amphenol AT Series™ End Caps Learn More
Added 05/2009 Amphenol Electrical Connectors: AT Series™, AHD Series™ Learn More
Added 04/2009 Amphenol miniBOSS™ Power and Control Media Connectors Learn More
Added 04/2009 Amphenol MotionGrade™ M23 and M40 Connector Systems Learn More

Amphenol SINE Systems Featured Products

Amphenol SINE Systems M12-RJ45 Adapters

Amphenol SINE Systems M12-RJ45 adapters offer design engineers extended possibilities for the integration of Industrial Ethernet connections into existing RJ45 networks. The new Cat5e Adapter provides IP68 on the M12 side in mated and unmated positions. The adapters are available in straight or right angled versions and also as male or female versions on the M12 side. The connection into the RJ45 socket can easily be done with Standard RJ45 cables. The M12 interface complies to the Industrial Ethernet standard according to ODVA and IEC 61076-2-101.

Amphenol AT-SR01 Connectors

Amphenol Sine Systems Strain Relief Series (SR01) Connectors feature an 1-piece integrated design that maintains the rear seal at approximately 50% lower cost than many industry parts. SR01's wire cavities protect each individual wire seal, eliminating stress on the rear seal to maintain IP67 sealing performance regardless of wire bundle direction or improper installation. SR01 Series Connectors provide a complete environmental seal and strain relief on the production line and in the field. In addition, the design eliminates the need to assemble costly backshells or boots in the field. Amphenol offers the SR01 Series as a cost-effective and highly-reliable solution for wire routing, strain relief and sealing requirements of Heavy Duty applications.

Amphenol Sine ATP Series™ Connectors - EXPANSION

Amphenol Sine expanded its AT Series to include the ATP Series™ Connectors which contain an added finger grip for improved ergonomics.

Amphenol Sine Systems AT Series™ Connectors were designed as a high-performance, cost-effective solution to be used with the Heavy Equipment, Agricultural, Automotive, Military, Alternative Energy and other demanding interconnect architectures. AT Series connectors feature environmental seals for superior seal retention capabilities and Amphenol Sine Systems RockSolid™ Contact technology. In addition, the AT Series is fully compatible with existing industry-standard products.
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Amphenol SINE Systems AHD & AT/ATP Series™ Contacts

Amphenol Sine Systems AHD & AT/ATP Series™ Contacts offer a full range of contacts compatible with AHD & AT/ATP Series™ Connectors and industry-standard products used with these connectors. Available versions include female socket, male pin, female RockSolid, male and female stamped & formed, and male pin/female socket machined contacts in 12-14, 14, 14-16, 16-20, 16, 18-20, and 20 AWG.

Amphenol SINE Systems AHD & AT/ATP Series™ Accessories

Amphenol Sine Systems offers the A Series™ Accessories for use with the AT, ATP, and AHD Series as well as industry-standard connectors. A Series Accessories include a full range of plugs, receptacles, wedges, seals, and tools.

Amphenol SINE Systems AHD Series™ Connectors

Amphenol Sine Systems developed the  AHD Series™ Series Connectors in response to the need for an economical alternative to the market's existing diagnostic product options. Amphenol offers the AHD Series as a reliable alternative, intermateable to industry-standard 6 and 9 pin connectors. AHD Series connectors are available in a non-sealing version for controlled applications and an environmentally sealed, threaded version for demanding applications.

Amphenol SINE Systems AT Series™ End Caps

The Amphenol SINE Systems AT Series™ End Caps are thermoplastic with standard or reduced diameter sealing options. These features ensure adequate silicone wire retention and applicable IP sealing when subjected to automotive applications involving fuel or other petroleum based derivatives at heavy equipment manufacturers.

Amphenol SINE Systems Electrical Connectors: AT Series™, AHD Series™

Amphenol SINE Systems Electrical Connectors, AT Series™ and AHD Series™, are heavy duty, high-performance, cost-effective solutions for demanding interconnect architectures. The AT Series features superior environmental seals and RockSolid™ contact technology for increased reliability and is ideal for heavy equipment, agricultural, automotive, military, and alternative energy. The AHD Series is a cost-conscious, reliable connector available with a non-sealing option for controlled applications, as well as an environmentally sealed, threaded option for demanding applications. Amphenol SINE Systems designed the AT series to be completely compatible with all other existing standard products industry-wide, and the AHD series is intermateable to industry standard 6- and 9-pin connectors.

Amphenol SINE Systems MotionGrade™ M23, M40 Connector Systems

Amphenol SINE Systems offers MotionGrade™ M23 and M40 Connector Systems for the most demanding environments where control signal transmission or power are required in a robust and compact delivery system. The FlexGrip™ Backshell System and RockSolid™ Contacts assure excellent performance and reliability. Amphenol SINE Systems MotionGrade™ M23 and M40 Connector Systems are compatible to all other existing standard layouts.

Amphenol SINE Systems miniBOSS™ Power and Control Media Connectors

Amphenol SINE Systems offers the robust miniBOSS™ Power and Control Media Connectors for cost-effective robotic and material handling systems, such as factory automation, conveyors, sorting, automated storage, and retrieval. The miniBOSS™ is offered in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 position configurations.