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Altech Corp., a market leader offering automation and control components, manufactures industrial enclosures, UL approved miniature circuit breakers, and manual motor controllers. Altech is committed to offering high-quality, cost-competitive products with superior service. They also offer the highest rated UL489 molded case miniature circuit breakers and a broad range of UL1077 supplementary protectors.


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Added 09/2010 Altech ATEX Strain Relief Cable Glands Learn More
Added 09/2010 Altech Busbar System Learn More
Added 10/2007 Altech European Fuses Learn More

Altech Featured Products

Altech Busbar System

The Altech Busbar System is an innovative way to jumper up to 57 poles of Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB), Manual Motor Controllers (MMC), and Supplementary Protectors (SP). Altech Busbars provide a 30% installation time savings, panel space savings, reduced maintenance, and high electrical ratings. The Altech Universal UL489 Busbar fits most UL489 Miniature Circuit Breakers in the market. The Altech Universal UL1077/508 Busbar fits most Supplementary Protectors and Manual Motor Controllers in the market.

Altech ATEX Strain Relief Cable Glands

The polyamide ATEX Cable Glands from Altech provide increased safety in explosion-endangered areas by eliminating any potential for arcs, sparks, or hot surfaces. Altech's ATEX Cable Glands are IP68-rated strain reliefs with neoprene seals that promote optimized sealing and protection against contaminants and reduce stress on components and terminal points in industry-wide applications. Easily mounted, the ATEX strain relief Cable Glands are gas and water-tight and are capable of performing over a broad temperature range (from -20ºC to 60ºC and -4ºF to 140ºF).

Altech NEMA 4X Industrial Enclosure — TK Series

Altech offers small to medium size, completely insulated and corrosion free enclosures that protect electrical and electronic components from dust and water. The TK series of NEMA 4X Industrial Enclosures consists of 15 different enclosures with up to three cover heights and available in the broadest range of sizes in the industry. There are many fixing points for PCBs in the base and they are ideal for control and measuring equipment.

Altech Circuit Breaker

Altech is the market leader for the UL508 manual motor controllers / miniature circuit breaker. Altech also offers the highest rated UL489 molded case miniature circuit breaker and a broad range of UL1077 Supplementary Protectors.

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