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NEDA Authorized Advanced Linear Devices Distributor

Advanced Linear Devices, Inc., (ALD) develops and manufactures ultra-low-power, precision CMOS analog integrated circuits and related board level products, incorporating the company's exclusive EPAD® technology. ALD's standard products include a full complement of "best-of-breed" ultra-low-charge-injection low-voltage analog switches, dual-slope A/D converters and digital processors, precision voltage comparators, rail-to-rail CMOS operational amplifiers, and low-drift CMOS timers with high discharge output, as well as an extensive selection of enhancement, depletion, and zero-threshold mode EPAD matched small signal MOSFET arrays.

Advanced Linear Devices and Hearst Electronic Products 2013 Product of the Year
Advanced Linear Devices Newest Products

Advanced Linear Devices Product Line

Advanced Linear Devices New Products

Added 12/2010 Advanced Linear Devices ALD7555 / ALD7556 CMOS Analog RC Timers Learn More
Added 03/2007 Advanced Linear Devices Energy Harvesting Modules Learn More

Advanced Linear Devices Featured Products

Advanced Linear Devices ALD210900/ALD210900A Precision N-Channel EPAD MOSFET Arrays

Advanced Linear Devices ALD210900/ALD210900A Precision N-Channel EPAD MOSFET Arrays are precision matched at the factory using ALD's proven EPAD® CMOS technology. These dual monolithic devices are enhanced additions to the ALD110900A/ALD110900 EPAD® MOSFET Family, with increased forward transconductance and output conductance, particularly at very low supply voltages. Intended for low voltage, low power small signal applications, they feature Zero-Threshold™ voltage, which enables circuit designs with input/output signals referenced to GND at enhanced operating voltage ranges. With these devices, a circuit with multiple cascading stages can be built to operate at extremely low supply/bias voltage levels. These precision devices are versatile as design components for a broad range of analog small signal applications such as basic building blocks for current mirrors, matching circuits, current sources, differential amplifier input stages, transmission gates, and multiplexers. They also excel in limited operating voltage applications, such as very low level voltage-clamps and nano-power normally-on circuits.

Advanced Linear Devices ALD7555 / ALD7556 Single / Dual CMOS Analog RC Timers

Advanced Linear Devices ALD7555 and ALD7556 single and dual CMOS analog RC timers offer improved performance, exceeding other 7555 and 7556 timers on the market in terms of accuracy and stability. The combination of low power and speed gives mobile and handheld devices access to a low cost alternative that was previously unavailable. The Advanced Linear Devices ALD7555 and ALD7556 allow timers to now be used in small battery operated platforms, which was not previously possible. These RC timers can be used in place of a microprocessor or crystal in many cases, simplifying the design. These Advanced Linear Devices products supply current for low power applications and have the low supply current on the market. The ALD7555 and ALD7556 also provide reduced timing error. The reduction of current is 50% of any other low power CMOS timer currently in the market. These RC timers improve repeatability and speed for precise and accurate performance. These RC timers also feature improved drift with temperature of only 10 ppm per degree C and improved drift with supply voltage. The ALD7555 and ALD7556 are ideal for use in a variety of applications, including battery technology, power supplies, gaming, and handheld wireless.

Advanced Linear Devices Energy Harvesting Modules

Advanced Linear Devices' most recent product announcement includes a family of ultra-high-efficiency Energy Harvesting Modules with performance achievements considered paramount in the industry. ALD Energy Harvesting Modules capture, accumulate, store, and condition wasted energy from a variety of energy sources, e.g., piezoelectric, electromagnetic, solar, and a variety of thermoelectric materials. This harvested energy, in turn, can efficiently power intermittent duty conventional electrical circuits and wireless sensor networks requiring 3 to 5 volts DC. ALD Energy Harvesting Modules utilize another recent design first - Zero-Threshold MOSFET integrated circuits incorporating the company's exclusive EPAD® technology.

Advanced Linear Devices ALD210800/ALD210800A Precision N-Channel EPAD® MOSFET Arrays Hearst Electronic Products 2013 Product of the Year Award Winners