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Analog Devices             

Analog Devices Instrumentation & Measurement

In systems such as analytical or environmental monitoring instruments, an accurate and stable signal chain is required. By offering superior performance, including high precision, as well as low drift over both temperature and time, ADI’s components allow designers to meet the specifications their customers demand. In addition, ADI’s broad product portfolio for analytical test and measurement instrumentation systems provides designers with an array of complementary components for the complete signal chain – from sensor to bits – to minimize the development effort and time required. Bookmark this page for the latest information on ADI’s Instrumentation & Measurement solutions offered through Mouser.

Product Catagories
Analog to Digital Converters
Temperature Sensors
Thermoelectric Cooler Controller
Reference Designs

Reference Design:
CN0312 Dual-Channel Colorimeter

The ADI CN0312 Reference Design is a dual channel RGB colorimeter featuring a high sensitivity low noise transimpedance amplifier and programmable gain TIA.

Additional Resources
Datasheet Application Brief


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Dual Beam UV-VIS Spectroscopy Block Diagram

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Spectroscopy Block Diagram

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