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Adesto Technologies is the leading developer of Conductive Bridge RAM (CBRAM) memory technology. CBRAM is an ultra low power, CMOS compatible non-volatile memory that is customized for a wide range of discrete and embedded markets. Adesto Technologies Corporation currently partners with a number of leading semiconductor companies in deployment of CBRAM technology in the market place.

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Adesto Technologies E Series SPI Flash Memory

Adesto Technologies E Series SPI DataFlash serial-interface sequential access Flash memory is ideally suited for a wide variety of digital voice, image, program code, and data storage applications. E Series SPI Flash also supports the RapidS serial interface for applications requiring very high speed operation. With two SRAM buffers the E Series can receive data while a page in the main memory is being reprogrammed. Interleaving between both buffers can dramatically increase a system's ability to write a continuous data stream. In addition, the SRAM buffers can be used as additional system scratch pad memory, and E2PROM emulation (bit or byte alterability) can be easily handled with a self-contained three step read-modify-write operation. Unlike conventional Flash memories that are accessed randomly with multiple address lines and a parallel interface, the DataFlash® uses a serial interface to sequentially access its data. The simple sequential access dramatically reduces active pin count, facilitates simplified hardware layout, increases system reliability, minimizes switching noise, and reduces package size. The device is optimized for use in many commercial and industrial applications where high-density, low-pin count, low-voltage, and low-power are essential. To allow for simple in-system re-programmability, the E Series does not require high input voltages for programming.

Adesto Technologies DataFlash

Adesto Technologies DataFlash devices are feature-rich, page erase (as small as 256 bytes) SPI-compatible Serial Flash with advanced protection and security features. These Adesto Technologies devices provide developers with the most flexible, easy-to-use Serial Flash solution on the market to address virtually any application. Dual-I/O and Quad-I/O interface options provide the ability to double and quadruple read throughputs. AT45DB series DataFlash devices provide system developers with an extremely flexible solution by utilizing a page-erase architecture to allow the smallest amount of data (as little as 256 bytes) to be erased compared to any other Flash solution.

Adesto Technologies Fusion Enhanced Serial Flash

Adesto Technologies Serial Flash devices incorporate some of the industry's most advanced and flexible features, many of which are unparalleled by other solutions on the market. The Adesto Serial Flash family of products is based on proven and robust NOR Flash technology. Adesto Technologies AT25D series Serial Flash incorporates a uniform block-erase (4-KBytes, 32-KBytes, and 64-KBytes) architecture to provide a high level of flexibility for a wide variety of code storage applications. AT25D series devices feature advanced security and protection functions to prevent critical code blocks from being erroneously or maliciously altered. AT25D series devices are pin-compatible with Atmel's Serial EEPROMs, giving developers the flexibility to increase memory size without changing the board layout.

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