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Active-Semi is a rapidly emerging leader in the multi-billion dollar power management IC and intelligent digital motor drive IC markets. The company's portfolio of analog and mixed signal SoCs (systems-on-chips) are scalable core platforms used in charging, powering and embedded digital control systems for end applications such as industrial, commercial and consumer equipment. Active-Semi offers power application microcontrollers, DC/DC, AC/DC, PMU and LED drivers that significantly reduce solution size and cost while improving system-level reliability.

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Added 08/2014 Active-Semi ACT2801C/02C Battery Backup Pack Managers Learn More
Added 08/2014 Active-Semi ACT8865/ACT8945A Advanced Power Management Units (PMUs) Learn More
Added 07/2014 Active-Semi PAC5220 Power Application Controllers™ Learn More
Added 07/2014 Active-Semi ACT4523A Step-Down DC/DC Converter Learn More

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Active-Semi ACT4523A Step-Down DC/DC Converter

Active-Semi's ACT4523A Step-Down DC/DC Converter is a wide input voltage, high efficiency Active CC step-down DC/DC converter that operates in either CV (Constant Output Voltage) mode or CC (Constant Output Current) mode. ACT4523A provides up to 3.5A output current at 250kHz switching frequency. Active CC is a patented control scheme to achieve highest accuracy with sensorless constant current control. Active CC eliminates the expensive, high accuracy current sense resistor, making it ideal for battery charging applications and adaptors with accurate current limit. The ACT4523A achieves higher efficiency than traditional constant current switching regulators by eliminating its associated power loss on the sensing resistor. ACT4523A provides OVP pin for output over voltage protection. Protection features include cycle-by-cycle current limit, thermal shutdown, and frequency foldback at short circuit.

Active-Semi ACT2801C/02 Battery Backup Pack Managers

Active-Semi's ACT2801C/02C Battery Backup Pack Managers are space-saving and high-performance low-profile single-chip solutions for backup battery pack and standalone battery charger. Each device integrates all the functions that a backup battery pack needs, including switching charger, boost converter and LED indication. They operate at 1.1MHz for switching charger and 0.55MHz for boost converter allowing tiny external inductor and capacitors. Each IC provides a direct power path from input to output with programmable current limit while providing power to switching charger. Output has higher priority than battery charger if the programmed input current limit is reached. They charge the battery with full cycle of preconditioning, fast charge with constant current and constant voltage until end of charge. The battery charger is thermally regulated at 110°C with charge current foldback.

Active-Semi ACT8865/ACT8945A Advanced Power Management Units (PMUs)

Active-Semi's ACT8865/ACT8945A Advanced Power Management Units (PMUs) are a complete, cost effective, highly-efficient ActivePMU™ power management solution, optimized for the unique power, voltage-sequencing, and control requirements of the Atmel SAMA5D3 series (SAMA5D31/33/34/35/36) and SAM9 series (SAM9G15/25/35/45/46, SAM9X25/35, SAM9M10/11, SAM9N11/12) processors. It is ideal for a wide range of high performance portable handheld applications such as human-machine interfaces, control panels, smart grid infrastructures, network gateways, M2M systems, 2D barcode scanners, barcode printers, machine vision equipment, as well as home and commercial building automations, POS terminals, medical devices and white goods. These feature three step-down DC/DC converters and four low-noise, low-dropout linear regulators.

Active-Semi PAC5220 Power Application Controllers™

Active-Semi's PAC5220 Power Application Controllers™ are highly optimized for controlling and powering next generation smart energy appliances, devices, and equipment. These application controllers integrate a 50MHz ARM® Cortex™-M0 32-bit microcontroller core with Active-Semi's proprietary and patent-pending Multi-Mode Power Manager™, Configurable Analog Front End™, and Application Specific Power Drivers™ to form the most compact microcontroller-based power and general purpose application systems ranging from digital power supply to motor control. The PAC5220 microcontroller features up to 32kB of embedded FLASH and 8kB of SRAM memory, a high-speed 10-bit 1μs analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with dual auto-sampling sequencers, 5V/3.3V I/Os, flexible clock sources, timers, a versatile 14-channel PWM engine, and several serial interfaces.

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