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NEDA Authorized Wurth Electronics Distributor
Wurth Electronics
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The Wurth Electronics EMC & Inductive Solutions unit manufactures inductors, transformers, and EMC-components for global customers. Their success is based on more availability, more service, more presence, and more knowledge to give their customers a "little bit more to make the big difference". Wurth Electronics product lines include inductors, common mode chokes, transformers, snap-on ferrite line chokes, ferrite beads, connectors and modular filtered jacks.

Würth Elektronik eiSos signs purchase contract for the Italian connector specialist Stelvio Kontek SpA

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Wurth Electronics Midcom is a leading manufacturer in the area of power transformers for switching power converters in AC/DC and DC/DC applications. Wurth Electronics Midcom has the strategy to set standards in the world of transformers for cost efficient solutions with short lead times. Besides defining standard components with flexible outputs for certain applications, Wurth Electronics Midcom is also focusing on designing products for the latest reference designs of the leading IC manufacturers.

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Features and Advantages

  • Standard components with availability from stock
  • Cost efficient component solution
  • Trimmed for an outstanding EMI behavior
  • Designed to meet all relevant specs in your final application

Select the Right Transformer for Your Application below:
AC/DC Offline Power Supplies  

LED Lighting   LED Lighting
Surface Mount (SMD) Transformers, created specifically for LED lighting and offline power supply markets.
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Offline IC Reference Designs   Offline IC Reference Designs
WE-UNIT Off-Line Transformer series is for use in AC/DC switch mode power supplies and designed to work with a wide input voltage range.
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T8 LED Lighting Transformers   T8 LED Lighting Transformers
T8 LED Lighting Transformers have a specially rounded shape of the core that allows them to fit exactly into the bulb without wasting space and with a maximum of performance.
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DC/DC Flyback Converters
LED Lighting   Power Over Ethernet
WE-PoE is one of the industry's most used flyback transformer families for PoE applications and contains four standard sizes with several different output voltages from 1.8V up to 12V.
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LED Lighting   DC/DC Multi-Purpose
WE-FLEX Flexible Transformers for DC/DC Converters have 6 identical windings and are available in 4 sizes with 5 different lengths of air gap each.
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