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The Vishay / Spectrol product group is a full line of variable resistive products, including precision potentiometers, trimming potentiometers, position sensing components, motion transducers, turns counting dials, and accessories.

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Spectrol Throttle Position Sensor: Model 981 HE

Vishay Spectrol's Model 981 HE Series Throttle Position Sensor utilizes non-contacting Hall Effect technology and is available in hollow and D-shaft versions. Spectrol's Model 981 HE Series sensors feature accurate linearity down to ±0.5%, easy mounting, and operating temperature range of -45ºC to +125ºC. These sensors were designed for harsh environment applications.

Spectrol Single Turn Hall Effect Sensor: Model 351 HE

Vishay Spectrol Model 351 HE Series Single Turn Bushing Mount Sensor utilizes the non-contacting Hall Effect technology. Features and benefits of Spectrol's size 9 (22.2 mm) Model 351 HE sensors include accurate linearity down to ± 0.5%, all electrical angles available up to 360º with no dead bands, long life that exceeds 10M cycles, and operating temperature range of -45ºC to +125ºC. This sensor was designed for harsh environment applications.

Spectrol Rotary Transducer Model: 357

Vishay Spectrol 7/8" (22.2mm) conductive plastic Rotary Transducer Model 357 features customized options including special electrical angles, mechanical packaging, and custom functions. Series 357 is very flexible for existing users and design-in and can be offered with add-ons, such as cables to simplify fitting. The Vishay Spectrol Rotary Transducer Model 357 is a single turn, compact size, advanced design technology offering a cost effective solution for your potentiometer requirements. Ideal for medical, marine, and industrial applications for angular position sensing.

Spectrol Rotary Motion Transducers Model: 533, 534, 535

Vishay Spectrol 7/8" (22.2mm) multiturn wirewound Rotary Motion Transducers Model 533, 534, 535 feature bushing and servo mount designs as well as rear shaft extensions and support bearing. The Vishay Spectrol Rotary Motion Transducers have a special resistance tolerance to 1%. Models 533, 534, and 535 feature dual gang configuration and concentric shafts (metric shaft available) with high torque, center tap, and slipping clutch on request. The Vishay Spectrol 533 series has 3 turns, the 534 has 10 turns, and the 535 has 5 turns.

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