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Tripp Lite
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Tripp Lite offers the most reliable, cost-efficient power protection, power supply, and connectivity solutions available. With over 1,000 products to choose from, Tripp Lite has the ideal solution for every application. Tripp Lite's innovative product line (including #1-rated Isobar® Premium Surge Suppressors), unmatched customer support, and 80-year service history have built a trusted reputation for reliability worldwide.

Tripp Lite Product Line

Tripp Lite Featured Products

Tripp Lite KVM Switches and Cable Kits

Tripp Lite KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) Switches provide local or remote access and control of multiple PCs / servers in desktop and network environments. Available in 2-, 4-, and 8-port switches, the economical KVM Switches can connect to all major operating systems and most keyboards / mice via PS/2, USB, or DVI cables. Tripp Lite's KVM Switches keep the most remote server or switch instantly within reach so problems can be rectified. IP connectivity extends the reach of IT staff beyond the physical confines of the data center, thereby increasing productivity. Also available are KVM Cable Kits to connect computers to the KVM Switches.

Tripp Lite Traveler3USB Travel-Size Surge Suppressor/Charger

The Tripp Lite Traveler3USB Travel-Size Surge Suppressor/Charger is a portable device offering complete surge protection for laptops, cell phones, music players, electronic notepads, personal organizers, and other portable electronic devices. Featuring 3 AC power outlets, the Tripp Lite Traveler3USB Travel-Size Surge Suppressor/Charger offers a 540 joule rating, concealable 18-inch power cord, 2 USB charging ports, and a diagnostic LED for wiring problems and suppressor damage.

Tripp Lite Power Strips

Tripplite power strips feature up to eight outlets and up to 3600 joules of surge protection. The power strips feature all-metal housing, outlet safety covers, and a cord wrap with hang holes on selected models.

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