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TI Design Tools

Texas Instruments Design Tools

Find Reference Designs with Mouser's TI Design site, leveraging the best in TI technology - from embedded processors to analog signal chain and power management. All TI Designs include a schematic, test data and design files for complete board-and- system level circuits designed to help engineers quickly evaluate and customize their systems while expanding their knowledge base.

TI Power Design Tools Video TI Power Design Tools Video

TI Reference Design Library

TI's Reference Design Library helps designers jump start their design process. Comprehensive designs include schematics/block diagrams, BOMs, design files, and test reports. The library spans TI's portfolio of analog, embedded processor, and connectivity products.

Featured Reference Design
PLC I/O Module Front-End Controller Using a Tiva™ C

TI WEBENCH® Designer

Texas Instruments WEBENCH® Designer is a unique and powerful online tool that is used to design customized power, lighting, filtering, clocking, and sensing circuits in seconds. This free, easy-to-use online tool helps designers generate, optimize, and simulate designs to their unique specifications. The tool lets designers make value-based tradeoffs at a design, system, and supply chain level before their design is committed to production. Mouser supports the complete design process with links to our breadth of in-stock product.

How to Launch Webench
To get started with your circuit, select the design type,
choose your variables, and click a red button to launch
 the WEBENCH tool.

Webench Returns a Complete

Mouser Bill of Materials!

More About WEBENCH Design Tool
TI PowerLab Reference Design Library

PowerLab™ Reference Design Library

Texas Instruments PowerLab™ Power Management Reference Design Library contains hundreds of reference designs for any application. Each reference design contains supporting technical documentation that includes a circuit schematic, printed circuit board (PCB) layout, bill-of-materials (BOM), test report, and gerber files. Use the search below to quickly find a fully tested and working design to accelerate your next project.

How to Search PowerLab Reference Designs
Search the repository of reference designs by selecting an input range, an application, a particular typology, or more than one of these selections.
Then click the red button to launch
 the PowerLab search tool.

More About PowerLab Reference Design Library

Precision Designs

TI Precision Designs is a library of complete board and system level circuits designed to help engineers quickly evaluate and customize their systems while expanding their analog knowledge base. Three levels of designs are offered - Reference, Verified and CerTIfied - providing a combination of theory, methodology, simulation, tested results, and design files from the desks of our analog experts. TI's precision experts offer decades of experience and first hand techniques in the development of each TI Precision Design, share insights on analog design techniques and application with the analog blogs, and offer customer support in the analog E2E forum.

More About TI Precision Designs
View all TI Precision Designs
View Designs View PDF Products Associated Products
Low Side, Three Decade, Current Sensing Solution, 10uA - 10mA datasheet Amplifier OPA188
Analog PWM Generator, 5V, 500kHz PWM output datasheet Amplifier -
Low-Side V-I Converter, 0 to 5 V Input, 0 mA to 500 mA Output, 1% Error datasheet Amplifier OPA188
High-Side V-I Converter, 0 to 2 V Input, 0 mA to 100 mA Output, 1% Error datasheet Amplifier -
Bridge Tied Load V-I Converter, 0.5 - 4.5 V Input, +/- 2A Output, 5% Error datasheet Amplifier -
AC Coupled Comparator, Input 2kHz to 32MHz datasheet Comparator -
Low-Level V-to-I Converter, 0 to 5V input to 0uA to 5uA output datasheet Amplifier -
Hardware Pace Detection for ECG datasheet Analog to Digital Converter -
0.1-10Hz Amplifier Noise Measurement Filter datasheet Amplifier -
Bridge Sensor Signal Conditioner with Current Loop, EMC Compatibility datasheet Amplifier -
Bipolar +/-10V Output from a Unipolar DAC for Industrial Voltage Drivers datasheet Digital to Analog Converter DAC8560
Bandpass Filtered -40dB Attenuator datasheet Amplifier -
Data Acquisition Block for ECG Systems, discrete LEAD I ECG implementation datasheet Analog to Digital Converter ADS8881
Simple Thermocouple Measurement Solution, <1°C Accurate datasheet Analog to Digital Converter ADS1118
Powering the Hot Side of an Isolated Current Shunt Monitor datasheet Isolated Amplifier AMC1200
Data Acquisition for MUX and Step Inputs, 18 bits, 1uS Full Scale Response datasheet Analog to Digital Converter ADS8881
Data Acquisition for 10kHz AC, 35mW, 18 bit, 1Msps datasheet Analog to Digital Converter ADS8881,
Data Acquisition at 1KHz AC, 1mW, 18bit, 1Msps datasheet Analog to Digital Converter -
Data Acquisition Optimized for Lowest Distortion, Lowest Noise, 18 bit, 1Msps datasheet Analog to Digital Converter ADS8881

TI Audio Selection Tool

Texas Instruments' Audio Selection Tool is an online tool that is designed to help deisgners with their audio application design. By answering a few questions, quickly narrow your search to specific audio solutions. Mouser supports TI's audio offering with a wide range of in-stock TI audio products.

How to launch

To get started, click anywhere on the Audio Selection Tool image to launch, at next screen select the specific function in which you are interested.

Audio Tool

TI Power Stage Designer™

TI Power Stage Designer™ Tool helps design the power stage of the most commonly used switchmode power supplies. It is also a great assistance for getting a deeper understanding of voltages and current flows inside converters.

TI Power Stage Designer Tool
Java is required to run this program

Easy to Use
  • Choose the adequate topology on the main screen or in the "Topology" menu.

  • Fill out the "Design Values" with your values and requirements.
  • Check the "Recommended Values" for the proposed values of the inductor and/or transformer.
  • Fill out the input fields of "Choose Values".
Relevant part numbers are highlighted in the schematic. All information is returned under "Calculated Values". Shortcuts can change the view between minimum, average, and maximum input voltage.

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